Chapter 13: What's Even Going On?

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From what I understand we are boarding this vehicle called a Bus, in our hero outfits, to pretend to rescue people. It really doesn't make sense to me, but I'm not one for judging.

Momo and Uraraka had made it clear in my mind that I was to wear the hero costume. Of course the only girl that was saying I didn't HAVE to was Tsuyu, but I shrugged and did it anyway. There was no harm in wearing it or not.

All of the events lead to us standing outside as Iida, the apparent new class captain, which I did not remember happening, was trying to get everyone in lines. I stood beside Aizawa, who just looked dead tired, and I almost felt bad for pestering him.

"When the fuck did Iida become Class Captain?" I asked.

"Language. You were there. You voted for the 'guy in the glasses if Green Cauliflower doesn't want it'." Aizawa sighed, looking down at me.

I frowned at him, humming. "That does sound like me." Shrugging I went onto the next question. "How the hell are we going to rescue fake people? That just sounds stupid, Mr. Homeless." He sighed at the name. "I'm just saying, it would be the same as pirates pretending to defend treasure or steal treasure. You just do it."

"Language Katsu. Also, that's not my name, you know this." Aizawa said, I could sense a slight irritation in his voice. I tried to keep from smirking. "If you were listening you would know how this is going to go down. It is not the same, and it is my job to help prepare all of you, you included Katsu."

I puffed out my cheeks, but before I could say more my name was called.


I looked over to see Kirishima waving at me. Looking back at Aizawa I pointed at him, "We're not over talking." Turning around I ignored his sigh and ran over to my fellow red head.

"Mr.Rock!" I grinned, hopping up to hug him as he extended his arms.

"Come on, there's two seats and I figured you want to sit by someone you can bug." He laughed, having me go on first.

I laughed. That's silly of him. He thinks I wouldn't bug whoever sat by me.

Sitting down I grinned at Tsuyu, she was nice enough to greet me back. I think the only one she really dislikes was Mineta, though I do think Bakugo gets on her very thick nerves.

Without a doubt she would last long on my crew. I think she has Robin's thick nerves. That in itself is a talent.

"Hey Midoriya, I always say what I think no matter whats on my mind." Tsuyu started, turning to look towards Izuku.

"Your quirk reminds me of All Might's."

I paused, turning to look at Izuku as well. His eyes grew wide and he began panicking. He looked like he was beginning to sweat as he waved his arms to deny her accusation. The way he was acting made me narrow my eyes at him.

What was the big deal if his quirk resembled another person's quirk? Even if they happen to have the same quirk, I can't see it being a big deal.

"Wait up, Asui, All Might never gets hurt!" Kirishima leaned over me to address Tsuyu. "That's where the likeness ends! I'm kinda jealous of that kind of simple enhancer type quirk though! There's a lot you can do with one and flashily too!"

More color filled Izuku's face as Kirishima brought the attention away from his quirk. He even nodded along with Kirishima's example that brought a difference between the two quirks. There was something being hidden here though it's none of my business so I won't dig anymore.

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