Chapter 7:I Discover Walmart at Night

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They have showers here.

Amazing showers that have clean hot water.

Which allowed me to not only take a shower, but also clean my clothes. Luckily I had brought my other clothes otherwise I would have left with wet clothes.

Feeling refreshed I finished braiding my hair which was still damp. Then I shoved my clothes back in the bag Nezu had given me. It would likely get the bag damp, but I didn't care much as it would eventually dry. Throwing the bag over my shoulder I sighed.

I missed my crew.

We had just reunited and already I was separated from them. Perhaps if I set up a transponder snail I could contact them. If it worked like that.

Exiting the locker room, I paused and looked both ways before shrugging and just turning to walk in one of the directions. I didn't have anywhere special to be, since school was over.

"Miss Katsu, I was meaning to speak with you."

Turning around I blinked as I saw Nezu, who stood next to a blonde skeletal man. How they got there I wasn't sure, because I'm pretty positive I hadn't seen anyone in the hallway.

"Why?" I asked, glancing at the shocked man. His hair was messy, and his long bangs looked equally messy. With how skinny he was it made me worry about his health. His face was so bony that dark shadows filled in the space around his eyes.

The animal wasn't the least bit upset with my abrupt tone. "Well you're clearly not from around here, and you're all on your own. I wanted to make sure you were finding your way."

"Ah, homeless- Aizawa, told me stuff about quirks. It's kinda like devil fruits, but y'all are born with it." I answered, frowning. "But I don't get how not having one makes you weak, or an insult. Half of my crew doesn't even have a devil fruit and they're as strong, if not stronger than, me. Hell, they're stronger than some of the strongest people in the grandline."

The blonde seemed surprised, "No quirks? Where are you from?"

I glanced at him again. He looked so weak I wondered if a hug would snap him in half. Though I wondered why he would wear such a baggy suit I didn't comment on it. Perhaps he had a hard time gaining weight and if I brought it up it upset him. He doesn't seem like an asshole, so I would rather leave him and not hurt his feelings.

"Apparently I'm from a different world. Some douche with a devil fruit transported me here." I shrugged.

His eyes widened in realization, "Like Mamoru?!"

I froze, blinking. Nezu had mentioned Mamoru before as well. I didn't think anyone else would mention him. He wasn't the type to go around and make a big scene.

"Exactly like Mamoru." Nezu chirped.

"How do you know the old man?" I demanded, crossing my arms.

"We were classmates, he never shied away from mentioning his origins." he answered, smiling. "Though nobody else really believe him at first, after a while it was the only good explanation. I want to know now, how do you know him?"

I relaxed a little. There was no malice in his mentioning of Mamoru. "He let me stay with him after I was saved from the marines."

His smiled widened and he crossed his bony arms. "I knew he had a soft spot for kids!"

I frowned, shaking my head. "Absolutely not. He hates kids. The only reason he took me in was because the pirates that saved me couldn't take me in to the New World with them."

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