Chapter 6: Quirk Assessment

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Aizawa had apparently called us outside to do some quirk assessment test. He had explained a few things, which I didn't quite get before tossing some ball to the angry boy.

He made a big show of throwing the ball, which he propelled with the help of an explosion from his hand. I was disappointed to see it only went 705.2 meters.

Though, for some reason, everyone else was super impressed. With the exception of Green Cauliflower, who looked panicked beside me.

I nudged him, making him quickly turn to me. "What's wrong? Did you train too hard so you're sore?"

"No- that's not it!" He waved his hands around.

"Let's go." I glanced over to see Aizawa staring at me in a familiar look which I used to get all the time from Mamoru. He was annoyed. Did he know that I didn't listen to his speech earlier?


The first test was the fifty meter dash. From what I'm understanding all I have to do is run down the track as fast as I can. Which doesn't seem hard and I don't understand why they would call this a test.

The fastest so far has been the guy with the leg engine. His time being 3.04 seconds. The worst being the creepy midget at eight seconds.

In general, I am a fast runner, thanks to my crew's unfortunate luck. If I used the air to push me I can probably make myself faster.

"Katsu, you're up." Aizawa called, glancing at me.

Everyone had already gone, and I was the last one being the odd number.

Stepping on the line I glanced back at Aizawa for a second before looking ahead. I just needed to make sure I stayed between these lines which were painted down on the ground. Hearing the start beep I darted forward. The wind propelled me faster and before I knew it I had passed the machine.

"3.01 seconds"

I pouted, crossing my arms. Usopp would have beaten me.


I looked at the strange object before looking at Aizawa. "What the fuck is this?"

He sighed at me, "Katsu. I already explained. Just squeeze it with all of your strength. It'll measure your strength."

"All of it?" I questioned narrowing my eyes at him, "But I'm back in my fifteen year old body. I might not be-"

"Just do it." He urged, making me puff out my cheeks before sighing.

Looking down at the weight like object, tightening my grip my eyes widened when I saw the numbers on the handle rising. A grin crawled on my lips as I squeezed with all of my strength. I wanted to see how high the numbers would go.

A crack sound make me freeze and stop. Holding up the grip tester, I frowned. Turning to Aizawa I held my arm out towards him, holding the tester closer to him.

"Oi, it broke."

"Huh?" Aizawa turned towards me, looking ready to scold me. However, he stopped when he saw the broken grip tester, his bloodshot eye twitching. I'm not sure if it was in surprise or annoyance. Probably both. "You broke it."

"Only a little!" I defended, "I told you I'm weaker in this body! This is before all of Arisu's training."

"A monster."

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