Chapter 14: I found a friend!

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By the time I processed the water under me it was too late. Water filled my open mouth and I sank like a rock. Any fight I had in me left and all I could do was not breath in the water that filled my mouth and hope someone saved me before I drowned like a dumb ass.

I could see the large amount of enemies surrounding me. A lot of them looked almost like fishmen in a way of speaking. They appeared to be approaching me, not that I could do anything about it.

A flash of green caught my eye, though I didn't focus on it as a tongue wrapped around me. I felt my body being pulled then I broke the surface. A loud gasp escaped me as I flew through the air before landing on the deck of a ship.

The tongue unwrapped from around me and hands pulled me up. I coughed put water and rubbed my eyes.

"Katsu!" I'm positive that squeaky worried voice is Izuku. "Are you okay? You didn't break the surface at all!"

"Kero, you looked like you just sank." Tsu said, stepping on deck.

"I do." I panted, then frowned as I took out my sketch book. It was wet. Thankfully my drawing were in pencil so they won't smudge. I'll have to dry it later.

"Ah, thank you for saving me. I can't do anything in water really." I looked up at Tsu, giving her a small smile. "To get to the point, I'll be completely useless with these water assholes."

Faintly I paused, almost feeling something familiar before shrugging it off. It wasn't strong so I was probably making it up.

"How is your costume not see through?"

I blinked looking up from my sitter position to see the ball headed midget. His eyes were straight up staring at my chest, and a frown of disappointment was present.

Before I responded Tsu whacked him with her tongue. No other words were exchanged between us, but I sent her another smile. The frog girl responded with a flushed face.

I sighed, wringing out my braid as I crossed my legs. "Well, they've come here to kill Mr. Buff." I commented. "From what I gather, he's a strong guy and I guess hard to kill. Like Uncle Shanks, except Uncle is better."

They looked at me with questions in their eyes, I wrinkled my nose and shook my head. "Anyway, they say they're here to kill him, we should assume they can." Izuku paled far more than his two freaked out classmates. He wasn't scared for himself though, that was the concern for another. "If they can kill him, I don't doubt they can kill us."

I sighed, leaning against the railing of the ship. My heart clenched up as the memory of the warm sun washing over me and the Sunny entered my brain. "Those guys there must be strong. Ya'll gotta come up with a plan."

"Kero, Katsu, you're with us. You would be included in the plan." Tsu stated, plopping down next to me.

I shrugged, "If you need me. I don't think I'll be much help with that."

They didn't really seem like they were worth it to fight. Also, they were in water. I'm not going near that if I can.


My head snapped up and I looked around, "Eh? What?"

Izuku stopped talking to look at me. "What?"

For a moment I froze, then I narrowed my eyes. I was silent for a moment. "Ah, nothing."

They carried on in their plan. I rested my head against the railing and frowned. The damn ship must be making me miss my crew more. Especially since I just swore I heard him.

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