Chapter 10: I Drown to Prove a Point

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I spent a good hour drawing Kirishima. During that time we also talked and he showed me his quirk. Of course between him watching the others fight, His quirk is simple, but also quite strong.

It allowed his body to harden. It's perfect for fighting and self-defense. Though I can see that it would struggle with long range attacks, which was why I had offered the idea of him taking up a long range weapon.

During the class fights, only one person had gotten hurt badly. That person being Izuku, which has made me quite aware that he is accident prone, the poor boy. From what I understand is that he has no control over his quirk, which is why he keeps having his bones break.

On terms of the strongest people here two have really caught my eye. If I went on time, then the half and half boy won as the strongest. However, he didn't let his partner kick ass, so I found him annoying. If there's two people to fight, the lease you should do is share.

On the other hand if I went off of the most damage, then Bakugo would win. Those explosives were no joke. Though, once again, his downfall was failing to listen to his partner.

Put those two together and it'll either be the most dangerous or the easiest fight.

That's not me saying the others aren't strong. Momo has shown a lot of strength and resourcefulness, though less in just brute strength in general. Izuku, by himself, is strong, but he has absolutely no control and it leaves him useless. Mina's acid seems like it would be troublesome, but she also lacks some control at times as well. Kirishima might give me a run for my money with his hardening and my haki, but I'm not positive how it will hold up against my haki.

"Miss Katsu-!"

"I wanna fight Halfie and Explosive boy!" I stood up, reaching back to place my sketchbook in my belt.

The class looked at me with wide eyes. Though from shock or concern I wasn't sure. They clearly don't know how strong I am.

All Might coughed into his hand, my eyes just faintly catching a drop of red which made my eyes narrow in on the buff man. "A-Ah, well, actually, we've run out of time for today."

I frowned, watching as he tried to inch towards the door. "Then we'll fight after class. No problem."

Immediately the class began muttering, looking more alarmed.

"You picking a fight, extra?!" Bakugo growled, a couple explosions erupting from his hands.

I looked over at him and rose an eyebrow. "Extra? I believe you're mistaken. If anyone is the extra, it'd be you. My backstory is far too complex to be that of a simple extra. Also, I wasn't trying to pick a fight. I simply wanted to test my strength against you and halfie." Then I turned to Kirishima, "I'll fight with you instead. I'd love to see how much of my strength your quirk can handle."

All Might cleared his throat again, this time closer to the door. "Young Katsu. I understand where you're from that's how you bond." I blinked, flushing as everyone looked at me. "However, many things are different here. Do remember that use of quirks outside of class, without permission, is prohibited."

Now I scowled at him, "Oi, it's a devil fruit. Not a quirk. Also, is haki allowed?"

"Why does she keep going on about a devil fruit?"

"What's haki?"

"Katsu's hot but a bit strange."

My scowl dropped into a frown and I bit the inside of my cheek before scoffing. "Never mind. Nothing is allowed here." Turning on the heel of my foot I left the room. Thankfully there was only one door here."

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