A sleeping mask

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Canon balls were crashing into the sea around you, then a loud crash was heard as one hit the ship and ripped a hole through it

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Canon balls were crashing into the sea around you, then a loud crash was heard as one hit the ship and ripped a hole through it. Everything shook and you held onto the railing to keep your balance, that was strangely out of control that day. There was a fight going on around you, but it was hard for you to concentrate and coordinate your movements. It just felt like you head was a big mush and stuffed with cotton.
"Captain _______!". You lifted your head to find some of your fellow marines nearly being ran over by some pirates. Shaking your stinging head, you focused on the task at hand, raised your sword and ran to help. You sliced down and kicked away a never-ending stream of opponents. Why was this getting so out of hand here? Yes, the pirated may outnumber you and they were having two ships, but you were having one of the strongest admirals-. Your head wiped around to study the marines fighting on the three ships. He wasn't there. Why wasn't fighting? Oh, were you kidding? You knew exactly what he was doing, the only question was where he was doing it.
"Can you hold the fort until I've found the Admiral?". The marines gritted their teeth and nodded, then opened a path for you to slip through.

When you had reached a calmer spot at the back of the boat, a wave of nausea suddenly hid you and you had to support yourself on the wall to keep yourself upright. What the hell was wrong with you? This wasn't the right time for a breakdown. Pushing yourself off, you forced your body forward and looked around until you finally had found the familiar form of your superior resting on the rear. "Kuzan!". The ship shook again when you reached the napping man. Usually you would savour this sight of the tall man sound asleep in a weird place like this. It was something you came to think of as kinda cute and in some strange way calming. This time though it was the opposite of calming. "Kuzan!". An annoyed grunt came from him when you began shaking him violently and finally, he pushed up his sleeping mask. "_______, what is it?" "What is it?!". Your voice was a hysterical screech that made the Admiral grinch. "We are under attack, Pirates are entering the ship and slaughtering your people". Kuzan sleepily rubbed his forehead, then his lids began to drop again "I'm sure you have everything under control".
Just when two hands took hold of his face, he opened his eyes again to stare right into yours. "Do I look like I have everything under control". He furrowed his brows when studying your strangely pale face, though your cheeks were of a deep red colour. Something wasn't right and he didn't refer to the sounds of fighting coming from the other side of the ship. Without another word, he stood and hurried off.

After Kuzan had interfered the fight had been over soon and most of the pirates, as well as the holes that had dared to sink the ship were covered in ice. No matter how often you would become lucky enough to see this man fight, you were sure that it always would amaze you. With the tension now gone and the adrenaline declining, you just realized how worn out you were feeling. Nausea hit you and you had to sit down on a barrel, heavy head resting in your palms. This was watched by Kuzan with concern but just as he was about to make your way over to you, a high voice shouted over the ocean "Heeeeey!". You groaned when looking up when seeing another boat with a black flag drawing closer "Not again". You readied yourself for another battle but calmed when you took a closer look at the jolly roger. It was the straw hats, with which you were on good terms. Luffy was sitting on the giant lion head and waved "______! Where are you heading to?". You named him the island and the boy's smirk got even wider. "We, too. We meet there with some others for a party. Why don't you come too?". Though you did not in any way feel in shape for a party, you knew that on the one hand this boy wouldn't take no for an answer and on the other you thought that you your men were deserving some fun, so you agreed. As the straw hats went on their way, you got up and wobbled towards the door that led inside the ship. "_______, where are you going?" It was Kuzan who had asked this, but you didn't stop in your movements. "Bed". Reaching your room, you fell on your bed and instantly were out like a light.

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