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„Finally some fresh air!" you called out as you pushed through the metal door of the emerging submarine. "Is it really this bad in the submarine _______-ya?" Law who had stepped out behind you asked with a small chuckle. "No offence Law" you turned towards your current captain "But being locked up in a tiny space with tons of water around you and too many perverted man beside you isn't really my idea of a wet dream"
Law padded your shoulder and chuckled again, then left you standing alone on deck.
A few minutes later you had reached the islands harbour and you went to explore the city
You sighed in relief as the noises of the small town filled your ears. Life on the submarine always was so quiet, so in order. On your former ship there always were people fighting and shouting around. Of course, this also could get annoying, but it kept things exciting and entertaining.
As you spotted two familiar tall figures in the distance, a smirk lightened up your features and you ran towards them "Heat! Wire!" you called out and jumped at the dark-haired man's back.
"______!" he asked surprised, then laughing pulled you over his shoulder and hugged you tightly. Heat padded your head "It's good to see you"
"You, too" you stepped back and smirked at the two men, but scowled as you watched them look around warily "What's wrong?" "It's better if the captain doesn't see you" Wire told you and your heard arches "Yeah, he will get angry" Heat agreed, still looking around. You shook off the painful feelings and crossed your arms "He's always angry" "Yes, but not like that. It really had hurt him"
You snorted and looked away "If he would have listened just a second, he wouldn't be hurt" "You know how he is" Wire padded your shoulder "We tried to tell him, more than one time but whenever we mention your name he's out for murder"
You waved it of "No need to commit suicide for me"
Before you were able to talk further, you were interrupted by a cheery rubber boy. He came out of nowhere and wrapped around you in a tight hug "_______!" Luffs smirked widely as he released you, then also greeted your two comrades "Hello, my king" you giggled and bend your head majestically "What brings me the honour of your attention?"
Luffy laughed out and even the stoic Heat chuckled lightly "I'm throwing a party this evening and I want you all to come" "Sure, why not" you quickly agreed. Way better than another night in the deadly silent submarine.

>>>>> Evening <<<<<
You pulled the red shirt over your head and looked at yourself in the mirror. With the shirt, you wore black pants and boots and for once you left your googles on the night stand. Ruffling your short hair, you made it look messy, yet sexy, then grabbed your jacket and were off. Most of the other heart pirates were done, too, so you made your way over to the thousand sunny together.
Delighted you found also most Kid pirates being there, too and you enjoyed being able to spend time with your former comrades. Yet, one man with still missing, though you weren't sure if it would be a good thing to meet him.
Luffy had climbed the stage and said through the microphone "All right guys! Since some of you were complaining that all the parties are the same and start to get boring, we now play 20 minutes in heaven!!!" There were some cheers and some groans as he jumped down from the stage, pulled the famous straw hat from his head and started to collect different objects from the guys. When he had one thing from each male, Luffy looked around the ship to find his first female victim. A huge smirk spread over his face when his gaze stopped at you. "You're first" he told you and shoved the hat in your face "Pick"
You stuck your hand in and as your fingers brushed something cold and smooth, you grabbed it curiously but when you looked at the object in your hand, you swallowed hard.
This could get unpleasant and as you looked up you stared right in the furious gaze of your ex-boyfriend Kid. "Great" he sneered "20 minutes with that slut" and with that he stomped off into the room. With a sigh, you followed but right after you'd closed the door, Kid spoke again.
"So, how's life with your beloved surgeon? I hope he is worth cheating on me"
You knew Kid long enough to hear the pain in his voice but still you became angry "I never cheated on you" you growled but he just snorted "I know what I have seen" "You've only seen what you'd wanted. If you would listen to me just once I could explain!" You were nearly begging now, wanting to get this thing right, to get back the man you loved.
Silence, then Kid finally had decided "Fine! Tell me what you have to say. How did you get into Law's bed" "I never had been in Law's bed" you grumbled but then you took a deep breath an spoke "That night at the bar, I didn't leave with him because I wanted to sleep with him. I got injured in that big fight and he brought me to his submarine to stitch me up"
Kid remembered that night. They had been at a bar and some wannabees had started a fight with his crew. Then he had spotted his girl on Law's arms. The surgeon had shot him an unreadable look before he had disappeared with her. The whole night you had been gone, only to show up the next morning with Law right behind you to tell you to get back into bed. To Kid it had been clear what had happened, though he never understood way. He always had treated you well, you were his queen.
"How can I believe you?" Kid asked, his voice strangely silent. "I have scars"
Kid knew your body, every scar on your skin and he would know when one was new.
"Where?" he didn't like the thought of his queen being injured, even though it would mean that you stayed true to him.
You walked up to kid, then took his hand and led under your shirt tight under your right shoulder blade. Kid scowled as he felt the light bumps under your skin that formed what had remained from a entering bulled and a surgical cut.
"A bullet hit me and punctured my lungs" you explained silently "I was lucky that I had been right beside Law. He immediately had rushed me to his ship"
"Who?" Kid growled and grabbed your shoulders, looking in your eyes "Who did this to you?"
The attackers had mainly used knives or their fists. They had abandoned their guns after. Kid's eyes widened as he realized what had happened and his head sunk "It was me. The bullet I've deflected, it hit you"
It pained you to see him that way, but it was the truth.
"And then I didn't believe after you'd returned to me before you had properly healed up" He went on, finally getting what the surgeon had mend when he wanted you back in the bed.
"I'm such a idiot"
"Yes, you are" you replied and Kid's heat shot up to glare at you. With a gently smile, you ran your fingers through his messy hair "But I still love you"
He looked at you wide eyed, then his gaze softened and dropping his hands to your waist, he pulled you close "I don't deserve you" he murmured, then leaned down to kiss you. Not wild and hungry like usual, but soft with a hidden apology. You knew he would never speak it out loud but it was okay.
As Kid pulled back, he looked at you verily. "You and Law...you never did...I mean I could understand after I acted like an ass"
You laughed at his uneasiness but you were in the mood to mock him "Well, I like law" Kid's face darkened "And he is kind of sexy" you placed a thoughtful finger on your chin as he gritted his teeth but then you smirked at him suggestively. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him close enough for your lips to brush "But I'm more into redheads"
A wicked smirk spread over his features, then he closed the gab to kiss you wildly "You drive me crazy, woman" he growled against your lips, then titled his head to the side to have better access to your mouth. With a low moan, you parted your lips and played with Kid's invading tongue, while tangling your fingers in his fiery hair. You tugged hard as you fisted your hands and Kid groaned out in pleasure, biting down on your bottom lip in response.
With a sudden movement, he had whirled you around and was pressing your body against the wall. Knowing exactly how to push your buttons, he had placed his leg between yours and was lifting his knee to press it against your crotch. You moaned out as he pulled back and instantly attacked your neck, biting down on your throat, right below your chin.
"Kid!" a breathless call as you held onto his broad shoulders to keep yourself up. "Yes, my queen?" he licked over the spot, he just had created, knowing very well what effect he had on you. "If you're going to keep this up, the others will discover way more in here than they had wished to" "That's their problem" Kid kissed you hungrily again and slowly inched his hands up your shirt as the door was thrown open.
"They're both alive!" Killer called out to the awaiting crew and as he stepped back to reveal your position, they cheered for you. Finally, their captain wouldn't be so moody anymore and of course, they were simply happy for you.
Kid breathed out heavily, the pecked your lips one last time, before he pulled you out. As you were passing Law, he stopped and looked at the surgeon for a few seconds. Law just raised a brow in a silent question "You saved her. I owe you one" Kid eventually said and without waiting for a reply, he walked on, leading you right of the ship and onto his own.
"We have to make up the lost time" he told you and with a wicked grin threw you onto your bed

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