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 You were standing at the harbour, looking out the sea and waiting for a certain ship to appear on the horizon

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 You were standing at the harbour, looking out the sea and waiting for a certain ship to appear on the horizon. Half-hearted you were listening to two guys.
"Hey, look at that hot chic over there" one said but the other replied "Don't you know who that is? She's called the angle of death" "Angle of death? She sure looks like an angle. A sexy one" "And you're calling yourself a pirate" the second one sighed "She strong, has the power of a devil fruit and she brought more than one pirate into prison. That's if they survived the encounter" The first one laughed out "I'm sure I can handle her" "I wouldn't do that" his friend warned "There's something else you should know"
The rest of the conversation didn't matter to you anyway. A ship had appeared in the distance and the letters on the sail told you it was the right one this time.
Your heart skipped a beat and a happy smile curved your lips. Wings spread from your back and you heard a gasp from the guys behind you. You took off and flew towards the ship.
Marines ran around the ship, wanting to know what to do about the 'flying woman'. You just chuckled as you searched for a special man, whom you found asleep on a chair.
You landed on free spot only to find a sword pointed to your throat. "Who are you and what do you want" the marine soldier ask you but you just smiled at him gently "First I would like you to put this thing away" you said and moved the sword from your throat with your hand "And I'm here to see your boss" "What do you want from hi-?" he started but was interrupted by an angry second lieutenant "What do you think you're doing?" the blue-haired woman asked and the marines saluted "She says she wants to-" "I didn't ask her I asked you" she said and stepped in front of the marine "Do you even know who this is? That's-" "It's all right, Tashigi" you told her with a smile "He doesn't know me and if I would have been an attacker he'd acted the right way" "All right" she replied and smiled at you "It's nice to see you again. He's upstairs" "Thanks"
You climbed the few stairs to the upper part of the ship and walked towards the still asleep commodore. Creeping up to him, you led yourself fall into his lab with all your weight.
He grunted and mumbled a "What?" then opened his eyes sleepy "Smoker, honey, wake up" you purred and giggled as his eyes snapped open.
"______, is that you?" "Of course, I am" you told him with a pout "A few month apart and you don't remember you wife anymore?"
Strong arms wrapped around you and Smoker pulled you into his chest "I missed you" he murmured in your ear and titled your chin up to be able to kiss your lips. You immediately returned it and sighed in delight, happy to finally be back in your husbands arms.
"Where have you been so long? I heard that your ship got attacked and you disappeared" You nodded "My crew mostly consisted of cowards and they fled, so I had to fight alone" Smoker growled at this and you stroke his arm soothingly "I passed out from exhaustion afterwards and drifted on a piece of wood. When I woke up I was on the straw hats ship" "Why didn't you come back?" he wanted to know and you heard the sadness in his voice, though it was barely noticeable "I was injured, my wings shredded, so I couldn't fly of"
Smoker immediately loosened his embrace and you giggled "Don't worry, I'm completely healed now"
Tashigi walked up to you and saluted "Commodore, we berthed". You both got up and left the ship, finding the whole straw hat crew standing there.
"Oh, no! Smoker got _____" Luffy called out and was about to attack but you calmed him down "Don't worry I'm with him because I want to" "What are you say ______-darling" Sanji called out in a cry and you just had to laugh, then Smoker wrapped his arm around your waist "I don't think I need your permission to be with my wife" "WIFE?!" the whole gang called out confused but then you explained everything and they quickly got used to the thought.
"Actually I should arrest you but you took care of her when she was injured" Smoker had to admit "I owe you one" "It's all right" Luffy waved of "Just come to my party this evening"

>>>>> Evening <<<<<

After a long relaxing bath, that you didn't take alone, you were no standing in front of the mirror in Smoker's room and brushed your hair. Arms wrapped around you from behind and lips were pressed to your neck "Do we have to go to that stupid party?" Smoker murmured in your neck, tickling your skin with his hot breath "I know better ways to spend the time" he eyed your body that was covered by nothing more than a towel. You laughed and pushed him off playfully "A few ours won't kill you and we owe them" he growled but nodded. "And now out, so I can get ready"
Smoker kissed you quickly, then walked out of the room and closed the door behind you. You dropped the towel and put on your underwear, then slipped a dark red tank top with black lace over the chest and black skinny jeans. The look was completed by a pair of black high heels.
After one last glance on the mirror, you stepped out of the room and right in the arms of your husband, who was leaning against the opposite wall, his usual two cigars between his lips. You snatched one of them and started smoking them yourself. Though you weren't smoking as much as he does, you did enjoy good cigar once in a while and you liked the spicy scent.
With his arm around your waist, you both walked of the marine ship and towards the thousand sunny, where more people were partying than you'd expected. Most of them were pirates and eyed you wearily but with enough alcohol they accepted you without any complains.
You were actually enjoying talking to all the guest, but you always stayed by your husband's side. You wished to have more time with him alone after you were separated for so long.
As ou were searching for a place to have some peace, your attention was drawn to the new king of the pirates. Luffy had climbed a stage and said through the microphone "All right guys! Since some of you were complaining that all the parties are the same and start to get boring, we now play 20 minutes in heaven!!!" There were some cheers and some groans as he jumped down from the stage, pulled the famous straw hat from his head and started to collect different objects from the guys. When he had one thing from each male, Luffy looked around the ship to find his first female victim. A huge smirk spread over his face when his gaze stopped at you. "You're first" he told you and shoved the hat in your face "Pick"
You shook your head and Smoker stepped up beside you "We paid our debt and I will not lend my wife for such a game" he said and looked at Luffy with a stern look. "All right" Luffy mumbled with a pout, then walked of.
You tucked at your husband's open jacket and pulled him down after he turned his attention to you "How about we play our own little game of minutes in heaven?" you purred in his ear seductively and before could comprehend what was going on, you were thrown over his shoulder and rushed back to his ship.
You giggled when Smoker threw you on the bed and crawled on top of you, a sexy smirk on his lips. "Come here tiger" you demanded as you wrapped your arms around his neck, then pulled him down into a passionate kiss. He reacted immediatelyand deepened the kiss by angling his head to have better access. His tongue played against the corners of your mouth but you were up to tease him and kept your mouth shut.
Since he knew you very well, he just had to lower himself completely on top of you to get a moan from you. The perfect chance for him to dart his tongue passed your lips. It started to massage yours and your rubbed back, starting a war for dominance, which none of you were able to win.
Smoker eventually gently bit down on your bottom lip but enough to distract you for a second and enabling him to pin your tongue down.
As the winner he took his price and once again mapped out the already familiar area. You moaned breathily as he flicked his tongue against the roof of your mouth, then pulled back to take a few deep breaths.
Smoker pecked your lips again, then trailed his lips down your neck, heading right to the spot he knew like the back of his hand. He bit down on it and smirked as you moaned out loudly. Wanting to hear more of those sweet sounds, he started to lick and suck that spot until it turned a deep red.
Satisfied with his work and came back up to kiss you again and soon clothes were ripped of bodies.    

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