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One Piece x Reader Oneshots by redheadedpineapple
One Piece x Reader Oneshotsby Bamse
-Requests Open: Request ONLY in request chapters, I will deny any requests I don't feel comfortable doing, and I won't give a request a second glance if it's not in a re...
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Babysitting The Bad Boy by exxxyR
Babysitting The Bad Boyby e♚
{#1 in teenagers} {#2 in fiction} {#2 in popular} "You better not tell anyone about this." "Aw why not? I'm sure your fandom of desperate girls would l...
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L4D "Protect and Heal" (Special Infected X Male Reader) by TechDemo97
L4D "Protect and Heal" (Special TechDemo97
A young man named (Y/N) (L/N) was a lone survivor who never fired a gun at any infected. He knows its not their fault for attacking and eating people, but the virus that...
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Little Liars by lunargemini
Little Liarsby Lunar Gemini
My name is Marcy. I'll be nineteen in October. I smoke. I have sex. I do not have boyfriends. I'm also a compulsive liar. You decide what you think is true.
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Hell's Nursery ~ One Piece x Reader by piratequeend
Hell's Nursery ~ One Piece x Readerby PirateQueenD
Here's a collab story from D.A that I wanted to share! A link to my partner and uploader of this story! :
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One Piece [One-Shots] (Reader x Character) by ShadowRacoon
One Piece [One-Shots] (Reader x ShadowRacoon
Some One Piece One-Shots. (Female) Reader insert! Enjoy the stories~ Characters/Anime (c) Eiichiro Oda Gif/Art (c) NOT mine Story (c) TachibanaSan PLEASE DON'T COPY, STE...
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One Piece Chronicles by TheLittleBrownLegacy
One Piece Chroniclesby Legacy
Collection of one shots, what ifs, scenarios, headcanons, etc etc..
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Tangent by littlemao
Tangentby XiaoMao
Wu Ming Er has been living alone for 2 years and he is good at taking care of his own self. But Gu Wang Yi came to take over the job suddenly. Against his will, Gu Wang...
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Puppy Love~ One Piece x Werewolf~Reader!! by FanGirlForFairyTail
Puppy Love~ One Piece x Alayna Mitchell
One moment you were out in the wild and the next you woke up on a cold were in the pound. You couldn't remember how you got there in the first place. They we...
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One Piece x Reader by black_eyes49
One Piece x Readerby black_eyes49
Y/N eats the life for death fruit by accident thinking that it was just another fruit from the grocery list. But in reality, her father bought that legendary devil fruit...
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Fragmented (One Piece X Reader) by _lostinreality_1
Fragmented (One Piece X Reader)by _lostinreality_1
The Wheel Of Eternity is an old legend passed down from the generation to generation in the Pirate Era. The Land Of Shannara made up of many nations where the most power...
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Small Little Pup; Hunter Love Story by Mikamouse3
Small Little Pup; Hunter Love Storyby Emo Stalker
Breaking in, the Hunter did not expect to find a young, crying girl, who was around the age of seven. She was wearing all black, and all he had to do was let her get her...
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Unfamiliar || One Piece x Reader by redheadedpineapple
Unfamiliar || One Piece x Readerby Bamse
Around the age of 13, every child receives a familiar. The familiar received is based on multiple factors, and ultimately decides the child's fate, for it gives the chil...
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The Tests (Hunter pack x Female Reader) by TheOfficialFandomGod
The Tests (Hunter pack x Female TheOfficialFandomGod
Left 4 Dead hunters. A group of people stumble upon a building with real people. Not infected anywhere. Or so they think at first. They are told that they need to help w...
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Gone Supernova by piratequeend
Gone Supernovaby PirateQueenD
You had alot of things to do today, schoolwork that needed to be completed, chores that had to be done, and homework which linked arms with the twenty minutes of crying...
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We Serve Dead People ~ One Piece X Reader by piratequeend
We Serve Dead People ~ One Piece PirateQueenD
Welcome to the Kitchen of the Dead, West Wall. Here you and your two fellow parolees were put here to serve the undead, and various other... People eaters in order to ke...
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Hiding the Truth (A One Piece Fanfiction) by Enenra
Hiding the Truth (A One Piece H.A.B
We all know that the infamous Straw Hat pirate's captain, Monkey D. Luffy's brother is Portagas D. Ace. But what if he had a sister. Would the story be different? Monke...
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Nicotine by mintyoongi0_
Nicotineby Yoongi0
Kim y/n escapes her chaotic household. She Mets a mysterious boy and he came with lots of trouble. (Warning, swearing, sensitive topics, bad grammar ) Yoongi X Reader...
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Corpse Girl~  Ghoul! One Piece x Reader by piratequeend
Corpse Girl~ Ghoul! One Piece x PirateQueenD
Being alone has become a part of you since your mother died. People just seemed to avoid you, your father couldn't stand the sight of you. The bullies are becoming more...
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Smoker x Reader (LEMON) by Nouis_Horanson2319
Smoker x Reader (LEMON)by Sassy_Levi_XD
Felt the need to make one for this handsome man.
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