A piece of metal: 5K reader special - it's getting dirty (again)

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So this is the 5 K ready special, though I was a little late and it's now more a 6K reader special. Anyway have fun and thanks for your support <3

"Good training guys! Get a shower and rest until lunch". Your gaze wandered over the small group of marines that laid sprawled across the training grounds. You were known to be a hard coach, but who was able to get through your training was able to endure everything thrown at them in the new world. "After you have eaten, we'll continue".

While grumbling and moaning the recruits struggled to their feet. You raised a brow "What did you say?". They first froze in shock, then straightened and saluted "Mam, yes mam!" "Good". With a nod you dismissed them.

A silent giggle caused you to turn around to find Tashigi looking amused after the retreating men. She too had joined the training but seemed in a way better state than the guys. "I once again admire your talent to torment the recruits, Rear Admiral ______" "I told you a thousand time just call me ______. We girls need to stick together"
She was about to contradict, how could she as a mere captain could someone so high in rank just call without her title, but you raised your hand "Please, Tashigi. I insist". After a moment of hesitation, she eventually smiled and nodded "All right.... _______"
Satisfied, you turned towards the barracks and waved her after you "Come one, let's get showered"
A few minutes later, you joined Tashigi in the training shacks' women showers. A shocked gasped escaped her when you dropped your towel. Your body was littered with bruises and scratches. "Oh my god, ______. Did they do this to you?".

With 'they' she meant the Kid pirates. A few weeks ago. you had been captured by them, or better, you had surrendered yourself. Either this or they would have slaughtered the remaining of your crew. They had attacked you out of nowhere, and with your men and also you are being startled by this they had defeated you in the end. You had offered to go with them, if they would spare the men. Surprisingly Eustass Kid had agreed to this, but on the other hand having a high ranked officer captive did have some benefits. Information, a lever, someone to beat up when angry or just were feeling like it.

You looked down your body, remembered how you got all the marks and eventually shrugged "It's not that bad. They will fade eventually" "I wish I was as strong as you" Tashigi starred at you in awe. Never before had she seen someone who returned from a torture like this so unfaced and collected like you. "Akifumi must be glad to have you back". She was talking about your husband. "Yeah, he was....relieved". You quickly hid your face in the water to cover your expression. To tell the truth, he had been more interested in the information about the Kid pirates you might be able to give him.

When showered and dressed, you made your wayover towards the dining hall while talking with Tashigi about your plans forthe afternoon training session. Suddenly an arm snaked around your waist andyou were pulled into a broad chest. "Ah, there is my beautiful wife". Yourolled your eyes and wiggled out of Akifumi's hold, before he was able to kissyou. He looked at you pouting and disapproving for denying his affection infront of all of his men, but then forced a smile back on his face.

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