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You could sense them. They were drawing closer towards you, surrounded you and from their aggressive aura it was clear what their intentions were. Your exterior showed nothing to tell that you knew about their presence, you just walked on until the crunching of the street below your shoes changed to the barely audible sound of footsteps on grass. There you stopped and waited.
It didn't take long for your followers to reach you, yet you still didn't move when they built a circle around you. You just listened, felt and smelled, your observation haki taking in your surroundings.
Eight people, all men, two with swords, three with guns, one was carrying an axe and the last two knives
"Isn't it a little overpraised to send so many men after a single woman?"
The males froze for a second, looking stunned at the still way too calm woman, who didn't even reach out for her sword. The sound of guns being loaded, and blades being drawn cut through the silence that had returned.
"You already killed enough fellow bounty hunter shadow walker. We won't risk anything anymore"
A strangely girlish giggle escape you and you reached back to let your fingers glide along the shaft of your sword.
"It is not my fault that your comrades weren't strong enough to stand up against me"
Then the first shot was fired. It hit you in the back but instead of causing a wound, your abdomen just scattered into dusty shadows, before quickly reforming. You laughed out and grained your head in the direction the attack came from.
"You should know that normal bullets won't hurt me. Or was it a test to see of the stories were real?"
The answer was a grunt through gritted teeth. The men were growing restless. You could sense it in the way they were gripping their weapons tighter and shifted from one leg to the other.
One darted forward a second immediately followed.
Now you finally began moving. You turned your body and felt a sword swipe past your face, then drew your own sword, hitting your attackers neck with the hilt. He grumbled on the ground and at the same time your jumped up to flip over the other hunter. This one was faster and whirled around. His axe was aimed towards your stomach and you were about to turn into shadows when you felt it. Sea stone - the blade was made of it. So instead of using your devil powers, you jumped on the axe blade, made a pirouette and kicked the man across the face.
"Last chance"
You faced the remaining attackers.
"Until now I haven't killed anyone, if you retreat now it will stay that way"
They didn't retreat, and you cut down every single one of them.

Not far away, sitting on the branch on a tree, a tall mean with long blonde hair, wearing a helmed watched the scene with greatest interest.
He had heard of the famous outlaw they called shadow walker, who had killed every single person that had dared to get in his path but never had he thought that it would be a woman. Not to mention one as beautiful as this one. No one ever had managed to take a photograph or make a drawing of the pirate so far. No one ever had survived doing it. All that was carried on were the stories of a person, able to turn into shadows and wield a sword, who so easily defeated every attacker.
Killer clearly could see why. She was an amazing fighter. Not only was she a very talented swordsman, her movements looking like a dance as the blade whirled around her, her devil fruit powers were interesting. In the one second, she turned into incorporeal shadows and in the next they reformed into new material that was able to breach her attackers
Just had he watched how left hand, turned into head of a wolf bit through the throat of the last men. He fell, and it was silent again.

The female on the other side seemed completely unfaced, not heavy breathing and not a single cut. Besides the sprinkles of blood that adorned her body it didn't look like she had fought at all.
Her head snapped around and she was looking straight towards the male in the tree, though due to the bandage around her eyes, Killer wasn't completely sure about it.
"And who are you? Come out or get lost"
Killer jumped from the branch and stormed towards the woman, making his blades ready to attack. He wanted to dance with her.

You braced yourself for the upcoming attack. This one was strong, stronger than any other opponent you had before but though he was coming right at you, you couldn't sense any aggressiveness. This one wasn't out to kill you. This one wanted to play.
Excitement ran through your body and you raced your sword, smirking as his blades hit it. Never had you experienced fighting against an opponent with this kind of weapon. Finally, something interesting.
You fought, but it didn't feel like fighting. It felt like dancing, like playing and it was more exciting to you than anything else you ever had done with other men.
After what seemed like hours you were facing each other, breathing slightly raked and blades on each other's throats. You were carrying a wide grin on your face and your body was tingling excitation. Who was this man.
"_______" you breathed out, then waited but there was no reply and that was when you realized that the bandage that usually was covering your eyes was gone.

Killer stared at this beautiful woman and suddenly it became clear to him why she had not once mentioned his helmet or why not once had she turned her head to follow his movements.
Milky white, yet still beautiful eyes looked at him. She was blind. Yet the only thing that came to his mind was
"You're so beautiful"
He visible could see her relax, yet not completely and he realized that she felt uncomfortable without the bandage. Looking around, he found the cloth laying on the ground not far from them.

The soft and familiar sensation of the scarf across your nose returned and you could feel how it carefully was tide behind your head.
"My name is Killer"
With your haki you scanned his body and it confirmed what you already had sensed during your fight. He was tall and well build.
"What a lovely name"
You giggled, and it was answered by the low grumbling laugh that went through this broad chest, then he stepped, and you carefully touched the bandage.
"Thank you"

You couldn't exchange any more words as another male voice called out your new friend's name.
Another aura, this one aggressive and wild drew closer and also this man was very strong, maybe even stronger than killer.
Killer greeted the new arrival and you had to supress a giggle at the thought of this violent man being called 'Kid'. He meanwhile had reached you and you could feel his gaze glide over you swiftly before he turned his attention towards Killer.
"Stop flirting. The strawhat had invited us to a party"
The name slipped you before you could stop yourself and immediately both males looked at you.
"You know him?"
You nodded at Killers question and smiled at the thought of the goofy rubber boy.
"We're friends. I'll be there, too?"
Killer's joy was nearly about to grasp as was the annoyance of Kid and you could imagine him rolling his eyes.
"Great than you can go on with......whatever this is later but right now we need to collect the crew and shove them on the rubber boys ship. We're invited and I damn well plan to blow up this party"

>>>>> Evening <<<<<
You pulled your boots over your knees, then stood up and checked if your long skirt covered everything it should and smoothed down the shirt, you for once wore over your bra. After one last readjustment of your blindfold, you left your hotel room and made your way towards the thousand sunny.
Right after your name was called, rubbery arms wrapped around you multiply and the air was squeezed from your lungs. You laughed as Luffy rubbed his head against yours.
"Hey Luffy"
You were released again and after a short chat with the straw hat, you searched for a calmer place for you to stay. So many peoples, so many string auras, your observation haki had a lot to do to scan everything and your mind was spinning with all the things that were going on around you. To tell the truth you were a little disorientated.
Carefully walking across the deck, you hurried for a spot, you couldn't sense anyone when suddenly someone pumped into you. You stumbled backwards and were about to fall when strong arms caught you around the waist. Instantly, you were picked up and carried off, then placed down on a barrel at a quieter corner of the ship.
"Thanks, Killer"
Despite the many people around you, you clearly had been able to make out this man in between the bunch.
"It's a little crowdy. Even with my haki I'm barely able to take everything in"
Killer hummed as an answer, then you felt gentle finger brush some hair from your forehead.
"You all right?"
The worry audible in his voice caused your heart to beat a little faster and your cheeks heated up a little. You wanted to tell him so many things right now but before a single word could leave your mouth you host got something to announce.
Luffy had climbed the stage and said through the microphone "All right guys! Since some of you were complaining that all the parties are the same and start to get boring, we now play 20 minutes in heaven!!!" There were some cheers and some groans as he jumped down from the stage, pulled the famous straw hat from his head and started to collect different objects from the guys. When he had one thing from each male, Luffy looked around the ship to find his first female victim. A huge smirk spread over his face when his gaze stopped at you.
"You're first"
He told you and shoved the hat in your face
Actually glad that you would be able to escape from the noisiness for at least some minutes, you did what you were ordered and searched through the hat for something forth picking.
Something small with one smooth side, the other was covered in small metallic rods. Pulling it out, you felt the thing in your hand until it finally clicked, and you knew what you had been holding.
"A brush?"
Who of these pirates would carry something like that.
A meanwhile more than familiar aura appeared beside you and when a big hand took the brush from you, a smile spread across your face. Up to that point you hadn't been completely sure if Killer actually did have long hair. Yes, you had felt the soft tresses brush past you, but this also could have been some kind of fur.
Killer took your hand and led you towards the room that was used for the game.

Inside you stood in silence for some time until he spoke up again.
"Can I remove the blindfold?"
At first you hesitated, you body stiffening at the thought of revealing yourself to him again but eventually you nodded in agreement. If you want to get to know this man, you had to open up.
A small tug, then the cloth slipped from your face and you immediately lowered your head. A habit. Rough fingers caught your jaw and gently lifted your head back up.
"Why do you hide them?"
"People say they look strange and I don't want only to be seen as the blind one"
Your look actually never had been something you had worried much about. Except for your eyes.
The hand on your chin slipped up to cup your cheek and Killer's thump stroke over the skin underneath your left eye.
"I think they make you even more unique and beautiful".
You may not be able to see this man, but you felt drawn to him and to hear that he thought of you as beautiful filled your heart with joy. Men and women had told you before that you were good looking, you obviously couldn't say yourself, but you didn't care about their opinion. There never had been one important enough to you. Killer on the other hand...

"Can I touch you?"
You had wished to do this from the first time your weapons had made contact.
"I want to feel you and see what you look like"
Killer stopped in his movements for a second and just when you thought he would deny, he took hold of your hands and placed them on his chest.
Your hands started to wonder. Muscles rippled underneath the fabric of his shirt, that was stretched over broad shoulders, but when you had wondered up his neck, your fingers suddenly met something hard and smooth.
"You have a pretty face"
You joked after your digits had skimmed over that thing that you now had identified as some kind of helmet that was covering his whole face and head. Killer chuckled, then he shifted and after you heard a clicking sound, you felt the helmet behind lifted, yet you kept your hands on the side of his neck.
"Why do you hide your face?"
"I guess for the same reasons you hide your eyes"
Not asking any further, you picked up exploring and trailed your fingertips along his strong jaw, that was adorned by a fuzzy goaty.
Higher up, you learned what he had been talking about. Irregular scars interrupted the smooth surface of his skin. Without commending them, you went on, let your fingers glide along his nose and across his brows, before finally giving in the urge to dug your hands into his wild hair.
At your approving hum as you combed through them Killer chuckled.
"They make you even more unique and handsome"
You had used his own words to describe him but Killer didn't seem to be convince.
"You're easy to talk"
He sounded a little bitter and was about to turn away but this time you were the one to catch him.
"I might not see you here"
you gestured to your eyes, then placed your hand on your chest.
"But I see you here and I see a strong, smart and amazing man. The first man to look behind my surface"
There was a short moment of silence, then Killer muttered.
"You truly are perfect"
Then he cradled your face in his big hands and pulled you forward in a passionate kiss. You sighed and immediately let your hands return to his messy hair. As your lips parted in an silent invitation, Killer immediately snaked his tongue inside while wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you against his. His whole body seem to consist of muscles and for the first time you felt small next to a man, but not in a bad way. Wrapped up in his arms you felt strong and protected.
Killer's tongue danced with yours as he stepped forward to press you against the wall. One arm slid down and you were lifted up, your legs wrapping automatically around his hips. You hummed as he grounded his hips against yours, then you gently bit into his tongue. In return Killer sank his teeth into your bottom lip, enjoying your hiss, before he pulled back to place his lips onto your neck.
With a soft thud your head fell back against the wall and he immediately took the chance of you offering him easier access and began to cover your skin with small bites and soft sucks. Sighing, you pulled him closer by his hair and pushed your chest towards him when he had reached your collarbone. His tongue traced the outlines of the dragon across your chest and shoulders.
Missing the feeling of his lips against yours, you tucked him back up and kissed him wild until your heard steps approaching the closet.
Killer quickly placed you back on your feet and you got yourself back in order, so when the door was pushed open, you both looked like nothing ever had happened, except for your intertwined hands. Together you stepped outside, and killer led you a few steps away, before leaning down to whisper in your ear.
"How about we ditch this party?"
You eagerly nodded and as you stepped off the ship, you heard Kid shout after you.
"Go to hers! Don't want to hear you screaming all night!"

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