A shell

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"I'm going for a little swim" you called out to your friends and after a sleepy grunt from Zorro and a 'have fun' from Robin, you jumped over the railing and while falling you changed in your mermaid form.
The water was your second nature and without swimming you would go crazy. Yet, this little trip wasn't mend to keep you mentally stable.
Your crew had decided to stay at the current island for a while since you wanted to throw a party for Luffy becoming the new king of pirates and. Anyway, some time ago, you had found another pirate ship on the other side of the island and to your surprise the crew consisted out of fish human. You had watched the, for a while, too shy to approach them directly but then you had seen their captain and you'd fallen. Hard and heavy.
Of course, most human wouldn't understand you, but for you, he was the hottest thing you'd ever seen. He was so sexy with the blue skin covering his toned body and his saw-like nose fascinated you.
Like every day, you swam towards a stone that laid behind a small cliff near the point the crew was staying. Atop of the stone, you were able to watch what was going on without being seen yourself.
Every day you told yourself that you would swim over to them and say hello, especially to the handsome captain but in the end, you would find another excuse to not do so.
It didn't take long for to reach the stone and while the sun was warming your back, you searched for this one man but today he was nowhere to be found.
You don't know how long you waited but when a sunburn started to redden your skin, you gave up frustrated and slipped into the cool water. Opening your eyes, you suddenly came face to face with the man you'd been searching the whole day. Startled you gasp and reared backwards, which not only caused a lot of water to rush down your throat but also your head to hit the stone hard.
Emerging from the water, you clung to the stone while coughing heavily to get the water out of your lungs.
"Hey, are you all right?" a rough voice asked and padded your back, while your body still was shaken by coughs.
"Just went.....down the wrong....tube" you pressed out and after a few more minutes you laid limp and slightly dizzy on the rock.
"Damn it" you breathed out and heard a low chuckle behind you, then you were suddenly lifted up and placed on a strong arm.
"Hey, what are you doing?!"
Though embarrassed, you flung your arms around his neck to keep you stable.
"You're bleeding, my dear"
A toothy smirk spread over his face "And we don't want the sharks to get you"
Your hand shot to the back of your head to feel blood oozing out of a small wound.
"And again, damn it"
You sighed and let your head fall against the fish men's chest.
"Don't worry, I'll take good care of you"
You didn't dare to look up, knowing that in response to that sensual grow, your face had turned a crimson colour.
"I mean I can't leave such a pretty mermaid alone out there at sea"
Now you were blushing deep red and you hid your face in this man's chest. He noticed anyway and chuckled.
"Hey Arlong, were did you get the hot mermaid from?" suddenly someone called and you noticed that you'd reached the coast "I found her all alone on a rock and scared her off it" the man, you now knew as Arlong replied and stepped out of the water, shifting your weight on both of his arms "And you keep your fins of her"
He carried you passed his smirking crew into the ship to see the doctor.
A short time later you sat outside with the rest of the crew, stitched up and back in your human form. You had to admit that they all were really nice, at least if you ignore the constant attempts of flirting but this ended a soon as Arlong sat down beside you.
You were talking and laughing a lot until Arlong wanted to know what you had been doing on that rock. You tried to stay calm, hastily trying to find something to tell him that sounded plausible.
"I was just swimming by and wanted to rest for a while"
To your relieve Arlong nodded, though something about the smirk on his face was strange.
"_______!" someone called and when you looked around, you saw a small ship in the distance "_______!"
You now recognized it Luffy's voice. He probably had started to worry and went to search you with the Thousand Sunny's by boat.
"Luffy!" you called back and waved "I am here!"
"You know the straw hat?" Arlong asked surprised as you got up "He's my captain"
This surprised him even more.
"I have to go now. We're throwing a party tonight and I have to help preparing" "We'll be there, too" Arlong told you with a huge smirk "I'm looking forward seeing you again"
Once again you blushed deeply, so you quickly ran towards the water "See you later then"
You jumped in the water, changed and swam towards your captain.

>>>>> Evening<<<<<
After you'd helped to prepare the Thousand Sunny for the upcoming party, you'd taken a quick shower to wash of the salt of the sea.
With your hair styled and dried, you opened your closet and searched for something to wear tonight. You chose a pair of skinny black pants and your usual black bikini top. With a pair of sandals, you were ready and made your way upstairs to join the party.
You got yourself something to drink, then wandered through the guests to talk to your friends but all the time keeping an eye to the arriving people, awaiting Arlong and his crew.
Eventually you saw the blue-skinned man climbing the ship and you grew excited. When he noticed you, he made his way over to you with a huge smirk but before he even could get close to you, your captain had something to say.
Luffy had climbed a stage and said through the microphone "All right guys! Since some of you were complaining that all the parties are the same and start to get boring, we now play 20 minutes in heaven!!!" There were some cheers and some groans as he jumped down from the stage, pulled the famous straw hat from his head and started to collect different objects from the guys. When he had one thing from each male, Luffy looked around the ship to find his first female victim. A huge smirk spread over his face when his gaze stopped at you. "You're first" he told you and shoved the hat in your face "Pick"
At first you wanted to refuse, not wanting to go in a closet with some guy while Arlong was waiting outside, but the urgent look of your captain and king caused you to stuck your hand in the hat. You took the first thing that touched your fingers and pulled out a small pure white shell.
"A shell!" you called out over all the noises and to your surprise and joy Arlong stepped out of the crowd. "That would be me" he said with a toothy smirk, then grabbed your hand and pulled you into the room, while his crew was cheering and whistling for him.
The door was closed behind you and as the darkness surrounding you, you realized that you were alone with Arlong. Instantly your shyness returned and you wouldn't have been surprised if your red face had lightened up the room.
"Why so shy all of sudden?" Arlong asked with a chuckle in his voice "This afternoon, you had been talking all the time"
You could feel him right behind you, how the heat of his body burned into your back.
"I ah...I...." you stuttered but him being so close caused your brain to shut down. Arlong bend down to whisper in your ear "I didn't think you were the shy type" he cooed and placed his hands on your hips to pull you closer "Well, I actually thought you were spying on us, watching us every day from that rock"
Your eyes shot open and you brain started working again "You noticed?"
A pair of cool lips were pressed against your neck. "Every. Single. Time." Arlong told you between teasing kisses along your skin, then he spun you around to face him and lifted your chin with his hand.
"And eventually I could resist your attraction anymore" he murmured and stroke your rosy cheeks gently "There's no fish man who wouldn't fall eventually for a beautiful mermaid like you"
And with that his lips laid on yours in a gentle kiss, Arlong being careful not to scrap you with his nose. At first you had been more than surprised but after a few seconds you got over it and returned the kiss.
You placed your hands on the tall shark's shoulders and pressed yourself closer to him until there was no space left between the two of you. Arlong on the other hand wrapped his arms tighter around your waist and parted his lips to trace yours with his tongue.
Feeling bold all of sudden, you decided to tease Arlong and kept your mouth shut tight. He pulled back and scolded at you but when he saw your mischief smirk, chuckled and before you couldn't react, he had latched himself onto your neck.
You gasped when you felt hid sharp teeth traced over your sensitive skin.
Eventually he hit a spot and a bold of electricity went through your whole body that caused you to moan out loudly. Arlong stopped there and worked on your neck with his lips, teeth and tongue until a purplish mark had formed on your skin. By the time he was satisfied with his work, you felt completely breathless and hoarse.
Arlong straightened up and took your lips in a forceful kiss, that caused you to gasp and gave him the perfect chance to snake his tongue into your mouth.
You moaned breathily as his tongue rubbed against yours, urging you into a fight. After a few minutes he managed to pin down your tongue and took the liberty to explore the expense of your mouth.
When he knew everything like the back of his hand, he pulled back and allowed you to take some deep and much needed breaths.
"I hope you know that you're mine now" Arlong told you with a smirk and you didn't dare to refuse, just placed your head against his chest and hugged him tightly "I take that as a yes"
Right in that moment the door was pushed open and the whole scene was revealed to the other guests.
While the girls cooed, the males, especially those of Arlong's crew whistled for you.
Arlong ignored the comments about 'fish love', wrapped his arm around your waist and led you outside the closet. He sat down on a chair by his crew and pulled you onto his lab.
You happily curled up in his lab and snuggled up against him, while Arlong glared at every guy that dared to stare at you for too long.

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