A cigar

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It was a sunny day and you were sitting outside a small cafe with some ice cream in front of you and a book in your hands

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It was a sunny day and you were sitting outside a small cafe with some ice cream in front of you and a book in your hands.
Like usual no emotions were shown on your face. The reason for most guys to stay away but still sometimes one was stupid enough to test his luck. One was coming up to you and greeted you with a confident smirk "Hey beautiful! Enjoying the weather?"
You didn't even spare him a glance, just turned the page in your book "Like you see"
The guy was a bit taken aback but wasn't willing to give up just yet "Then how about we spend the day together to make it even better?". Another page was turned "No, thank you"
It was obvious that he wasn't used to be denied and that your non-caring way was ticking him off.
"Hey, sweety. Would you at least look at me?!" he growled, and you sighed and lifted your eyes from your book, lazily trailing your gaze up and down his body, then went back to read "Happy now?"
This pushed him over the edge and he slammed his hands on the table. You still didn't pay much attention to him, just reached out to keep the swaying glass of ice cream from falling. You licked some spilled ice cream from your finger, then turned the next page.
"Hey!" the guy shouted, now furious "Don't think I don't know chicks like you. So why don't you save us some time and just come with me" "Not interested" This was getting annoying. "Come on babe" he tried it again "This hardcore-hard-to-get-act won't work on me. Just give in" "Though it isn't an act. The fact that you're still standing here and trying to get me to come with you tells me that this act does work on you"
By now his ego was destroyed and the only way to get his pride back was to get you into his bed. No matter how.
"That's it" he growled and grabbed your arm but faster than he was able to register a blade was held to his throat. "I was very patient" you told him in a dangerously calm voice" But if you don't get lost within the next few seconds" You moved your sword from his throat to the front of his pats "You will loose a few parts of your body"
The guy paled and swallowed hard, then quickly turned around and walked of. With a sigh you sheathed your sword and turned your attention back to your book, yet you weren't able to enjoy it very long when you heard a dark chuckle. A shadow fell over you and judging by the size of it, this guy had to be huge.
"If you don't mind, would you please go out the sun?" you asked, without looking up. He chuckled again, then the chair beside you was pulled out and he sat down. This time you were interested enough to look up. Though it was a hot day this man was wearing a fur coat, a cigar stuck in between his teeth, a scar ran across his nose and instead of one hand he had a hook.
"What brings you here, Sir Crocodile?" you asked, the ghost of a smile on your face.
"_(first name)_ _(last name)_, the infamous pirate hunter, called 'Dollface'. Never showing any emotion" "Nice from you to introduce me to myself again" you told him, a little sarcastically "But what do you want?" "I want you to work for me at Baroque works" he eventually told you "I need a new partner after my old one decided to join the straw hat gang" "Sorry but I prefer to work alone" you turned your attention back to your book. This discussion was over "Then I have to show you the benefits of having me as a partner" Crocodile replied but then, he got up "We soon will meet again" he left.
You shrugged and started reading again but only a few minutes later someone called your name "What is going on today?" you mumbled to yourself and looked up, finding the new king of pirates running towards you. "I just wanted-" he started but then he noticed the half-eaten ice cream on the table and started starring at it. You rolled your eyes and handed it to him, which he ate in one gulp. "So what do you want?" you asked as Luffy swallowed "I wanted to invite you to my party this evening" he looked at you with sparkling eyes. "I have nothing better to do. So why not"

>>>>> Evening <<<<<
With a towel around your body you dried yourself from a recent shower wet hair but today you just let it fall loose. In your room, you put on some panties and a bra, then opened your closet to choose something to wear tonight. You decided for black leather pants and a black, shoulder-free shirt. Fully dressed, you did your make up, then slipped into a pair of high heeled boots and left your apartment to not be late.
To party was already on but still you were greeted by the captain himself. "Hey, _____" great to have you here". You just nodded and allowed a small smile to curve your lips, then you searched yourself a place a little aside of the party. You never had been much of a partier but always liked to watch other people.
After some time your attention was drown to a small stage, the host had something to tell. Luffy had climbed the stage and said through the microphone "All right guys! Since some of you were complaining that all the parties are the same and start to get boring, we now play 20 minutes in heaven!!!" There were some cheers and some groans as he jumped down from the stage, pulled the famous straw hat from his head and started to collect different objects from the guys. When he had one thing from each male, Luffy looked around the ship to find his first female victim. A huge smirk spread over his face when his gaze stopped at you. "You're first" he told you and shoved the hat in your face "Pick"
You shot him a warning look, but he stood in front of you unfaced and with a huge smirk. Shrugging, you stuck your hand in the hat. Something long and round was the one thing that captured your attention, so you pulled it out. A cigar appeared from the hat and as you smelled it, you took in the exotic and spicy aroma.
"Hey, love cook!" you called out for Sanji, who was by your side within the blink of an eye "Give me fire" you ordered, and he immediately did.
Puffing the cigar, you stepped in the room used for the game and leaned against one of the walls, waiting for your partner to arrive. After a short time, the door was opened again, a huge figure appearing in the doorframe.
"This is one of the most expensive cigars you're smoking there" the familiar voice of Sir Crocodile said as the door was once again closed, leaving you both in darkness. "It sure tastes like it" you replied and took another long drag, your face being enlighten for a few seconds, then blew out the smoke slowly. "There are only a few women able to enjoy a good cigar" "A good cigar once in a while is something nice"
You heard the rustling of clothes and steps that came closer "Now did you think about my offer?" Crocodile asked and you blew out some smoke "I still prefer to work without a partner" sadness dusted your next words "That way there's no one to betray you" "It seems that you know what you're talking about" he mused and meanwhile you were able to feel him right in front of you.
"I once had a partner I trusted him with my life. Then someone offered him a lot of money if he would kill me" You didn't have to tell any more, the end was clear.
"Well, I see that you had a lot of problems with your old one" Crocodile told you and lifted your chin with his hand "But there are a lot of benefits if you choose me as a partner"
Slowly he leaned down and placed his lips onto yours. At first you didn't know what to do. Guys mostly stayed away from you and it had been a while since your last kiss but Crocodile waited patiently and took the lead. It didn't take long, and you eased into it, closed your eyes and placed your arms on his shoulders under his cloak. Your lips moving fluently against his. His hand moved from your chin, down your neck and arm, coming to rest on your hips to pull you closer. You felt save and warm in his arms and the last one not only because his fur coat was half wrapped around you.
Crocodile's tongue ran across your bottom lip and you hesitantly opened for him, allowing his tongue to snake in your mouth. You moaned softly hast your tongues danced with one another. For a while you fought for dominance but eventually Crocodile managed to pin your tongue down, winning the right to explore your mouth freely. He left nothing out and when he was done, he knew everything like the back of his hand.
When you pulled apart, a light blush was dusting your cheeks, causing Crocodile to chuckle "So there are some feelings inside of you". He placed a kiss in one rosy cheek, then trailed his lips along your jaw and down your neck. His hook trailed along your spine and your back automatically arched into him, giving him perfect access to your neck.
With lips, teeth and tongue he worked his way downwards until your body stiffened up in his arms. You forced down the moan that threatened to come out, but Crocodile wasn't willing to give up so easily. He bit down hard on your neck and you moaned out loudly, holding tightly onto his shoulder. Crocodile smirked triumphantly and started to massage your skin with his teeth, licking over it to soothe the sting. By the time a dark mark had formed on your skin, you were hoarse and Crocodile smirking confidently.
"I see you have good arguments" you said a little breathless and Crocodile chuckled lowly "Is this a yes?" "I guess so" you replied, and he pecked your lips surprisingly gently.
Right in that moment the door was pushed open and you were blinded by bright light. Crocodile wrapped his arm, together with his coat around you and led you outside. The others were to stunned about this situation to cheer or whistle and just watched silently how he sat down on a chair and pulled your down on his lab.
"So boss, what is your first order?" you purred in his ear seductively and he squeezed you lustfully "Wait until we're in my apartment"    

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