A cross and a bandana: 1K reader special - it's getting dirty (really dirty)

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You were sitting on a rock at the side of a meadow, your legs crossed, while sharpening your swords

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You were sitting on a rock at the side of a meadow, your legs crossed, while sharpening your swords. Every once in a while, your eyes would dart up to inspect the man who was training on the grass. Bronze muscles were glistening in the sun as he danced with his three swords. Roronoa Zoro, especially without a shirt, really was a sight to see, and you had to admit that you appreciated the few of the younger man.
"What are you looking at, Darling?"
The low voice snapped you out of your thoughts and as you looked up, you met the with amusement twinkling eyes of your husband. Mihawk leaned down to kiss you gently. You savoured the feeling of his lips against yours and traced your fingers along the exposed skin of his chest.
When you eventually parted, you smiled up at him.
"I'm admiring the process Zoro has made since he had left us"
Though you tried to sound nonchalant, you knew that your husband was too smart and observant to believe a single word you had said. A low chuckled rumbled through his chest "I rather think you were gawking" "Don't tell me you are jealous, honey" a teasing smirk played around your lips a you stroked his jaw "You know you're the sexiest thing I have ever met" "I guess the sweet talking lays in the family, doesn't it?" 
He raised one eyebrow, but as you just smirked, he laughed, then kissed you again.
Zoro meanwhile had spotted the new arrival and walked over to you "Mihawk! If you are able to separate would you train with me?"
"Yeah, let's make a show for my wife"
Mihawk smirked mischiefly at you, then shrugged off his cloak and grabbed his sword. You purred as you looked after the muscle-packed back of your husband and once again thanked your brother for introducing him to you.
Soon the sound of metal against metal filled the air and you leaned back comfortably to watch the two men fight. 'Sexy' described the scene just insufficient.
A childish voice suddenly echoed through the woods, causing everyone on the meadow to look in a certain direction, where a well-known rubber boy appeared just a few seconds later.
"Heeeey!" Luffy waved as he stormed onto the meadow, his smirk becoming even wider as he spotted you "________!"
Laughing, you hugged the boy, you had known since you had visited his village with your brother all those years ago "Hey, Luffy. Great to see you"
"What do you need, captain?" Zoro asked as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. "We need your help to prepare the party" "Luffy, I'm busy!"
The swordsman grew angry, but his captain didn't care one bit. Luffy just grabbed his wrist and dragged him after him "You can train with Mihawk later. Now we have something more important to do"
You and Mihawk looked after them a little stunned, then Luffy turned towards you again while running "Of course, you're invited. Be on our ship this evening"
Strong hands landed on your hips and sensual lips glided along your neck.
"And what are we going to do until this evening to keep us busy?"
Sighing, you titled you head to the side and combed your fingers through his hair. "I think I know there a few things"

>>>>> Evening <<<<<
While towelling your hair dry, you stood only in undergarments in front of your closet and tried to find something to wear. "Mihawk" you whined and turned to your husband, who just stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in nothing but a towel around his hips "I have nothing to wear" "You look great in everything" he told you and as you had your attention back on the closet, he slapped your butt "Even in nothing"
The smallest hint of a blush dusted your cheeks as you rummaged through your clothes and eventually chose a short dress, made from the same dark red fabric as Mihawk's cloak.
When you were dressed and had done your hair, your husband already was waiting for you, wearing his usual attire of jeans, boots and cloak. He looked at you appreciated and kissed you, before you both left to go to the straw hats' ship.
"Mihawk! I hope you take good care of my baby sister" a red-haired man slurred as you stepped on the deck of the Thousand Sunny.
"He's already drunk" your husband mumbled under his breath and shook his head as you watched the great Shanks Le Roux swaying while he tried to get to you. You pinched the bridge of your nose "Of course, he is" but you opened your arms anyway to hug your arriving brother tightly.
"______!" he mumbled in your hair and padded your head, while resting his whole weight on your shoulders. "Hey, Shanks!" You giggled as you forced you brother back onto his feet, but he immediately stumbled backwards, fortunately captured by Ben Beckman. "Hey,_______! Great to see you"
For the next hour you chatted with the members if your former crew while, Mihawk was lectured by his brother-in-law how to treat you right. At some point, though your husband suddenly was gone and when you looked around the ship, you found him talking to Zoro, who's cheeks looked strangely red. Both men turned their heads towards you and as they caught you looking at them, Zoro face turned even redder, while Mihawk winked at you with a smirk on his face.
Eventually your chatting was interrupted by the host of the party.
Luffy had climbed a stage and said through the microphone "All right guys! Since some of you were complaining that all the parties are the same and start to get boring, we now play 20 minutes in heaven!!!" There were some cheers and some groans as he jumped down from the stage, pulled the famous straw hat from his head and started to collect different objects from the guys. When he had one thing from each male, Luffy looked around the ship to find his first female victim. A huge smirk spread over his face when his gaze stopped at you. "You're first" he told you and shoved the hat in your face "Pick"
At first, you looked at Mihawk questioningly, but he just smiled and nodded at you while tabbing at his empty chest. Noticing, that the cross was missing, from around his neck, you knew what you had to search for and stuck your hand in the hat. You felt around the hat until you felt the familiar shape of the hidden knife and bulled it out, but to your surprise a black tissue was wrapped around the cross.
"Hey! Just one item per person" Luffy pointed at you, but your husband already was standing beside you, taking the objects from you. "The rules say to go in the closet with whoever's item you pull out"
He unwrapped the cross, placed it back around his neck, then handed the cloth to Zoro, who now also had joined you. You were looking between the two men and wondered if really was happening what you were thinking about. Your thoughts were confirmed a few seconds later when you were locked into the used room with both man, who had declared to stay in there for 40 minutes due to the risen count of people. The last thing you saw before the door fell shut, where dozens stunned, confused and blushing faces.
Before you even were able to ask what was going on, you were pulled in a broad chest and kissed passionately and that moment all thoughts vanished. Mihawk just had this effect on you. Without caring for the second man in the room, you wrapped your arms around your husband's neck, took off his hat and kissed him back hungrily. Just when you felt a second pair of hands on your hips and lips against your neck, you became aware again that you weren't alone.
Mihawk didn't seem to mind Zoro touching you that way, instead he stepped a little forward and pushed you closer to the green-haired swordsman. Zoro's hands tightened as your butt rubbed against the growing bulge in his pants and you moaned softly as he nipped on your skin right underneath your left ear.
"Honey?" you asked breathlessly as you parted and looked up in his golden eyes questioningly. He just smirked at you and stroked your jaw.
"Just a little present for you, my dear"
He kissed you again, then turned you around, so you were facing Zoro instead. You couldn't deny that the thought of all the possibilities that were offered to you was exciting and as you now searched for Zoro's gaze to ask for approval, you saw nothing but burning lust in the dark orbs.
Slowly you placed your hands on his chest, then let them slip underneath his cloak while you leaned up to brush your lips across his. Zoro growled lowly before he darted forwards and kissed you with a passion that nearly knocked you over. He didn't even ask for entrance, just pushed his tongue straight into your mouth. Your toes curled, and you groaned as he ravaged you. This was so different from your husband. Mihawk was a very passionate lover, but he always was controlling his actions to give you the most pleasure. Zoro on the other hand was wild and uncontrolled, only driven by instinct.
A small tug at your back, as Mihawk unzipped your dress and it slipped down your body, leaving you in your underwear. Another quick flick and your strapless bra was gone, too.
Another moan swept in Zoro's mouth as Mihawk closed his rough hands on your boobs, the cool wedding ring on his right hand teasing your heated skin. Simultaneously to kneading your breasts and pinching your nipples, he buried his face in your neck, biting and sucking at your softspot.
As you felt his growing erection against your behind, you rubbed your butt teasingly against it, while pushing Zoro's cloak of his shoulders. As you started to trace the outlines of Zoro's muscled chest and abdomen, he bit your bottom lip, then pulled away and leaned further down. A hand on your jaw turned your head and you bend backwards to kiss Mihawk, while Zoro took over your breasts.
"So beautiful" he murmured as his mouth enclosed over one nipple to suck it violently, while he massaged the other.
Luckily your moans were muffled by your husband's mouth.
While Mihawk's left hand tangled in your hair to keep your head in place, his free hand glided down your body to trace the hem of your panties. As you bucked your hips impatiently in his hand, he chuckled but eventually slipped his fingers into your underwear.
Your left hand was grabbing Zoro's short hair as he still was decorating your breasts with love bites, while your right one laid on Mihawk's nape to hold him close against you.
Teasingly his finger's glided along your nether lips, which he parted with his pointer and middle finger, then traced up and down. As he didn't make any move to become rougher, you forcefully grinded against his crotch, causing him to groan into the kiss.
"Tease" he grumbled against your lips, but finally you got what you wanted and Mihawk pressed harder against your clit. His fingers circled and pinched your tickler, before he moved to your dripping entrance. He didn't waste any more time and pushed two fingers deep inside of you.
Fortunately, you were held up by three other hands or you would have fallen as you knees became wobbly with the one hand working between your legs. Roughly Mihawk drove his fingers inside of you, soon adding a third one while his thump pressed against your nub.
While you tried to keep your moans down, Zoro slowly sank to his knees, trailing kisses and bites along your toned stomach and hips. He hooked his fingers in your panties and with one quick tug had it ripped off.
You mewled in disapprove as Mihawk's hand left your pussy, but immediately were reconciled as it was replaced by Zoro's hungry mouth. As he lifted on of your leg onto his shoulder for better access, your husband encircled your waist to keep you steady. Zoro's tongue pressed against your tickler, before he sucked on the small nub, crazing his teeth over it every once in a while.
Unable to hold back any longer, you pulled away from Mihawk and rolled your head onto his shoulder, crying out your pleasure. Your hand fisted in Zoro's green hair as he drew patterns on your womanhood with his tongue.
Mihawk stepped a little to the side to have better access to your behind. Your yelp of surprise quickly turned into a moan as he first traced his still wet fingers along your back entrance before slowly pushed one in. You arched your back, pushing yourself deeper into Zoro's mouth in the process.
Slowly and carefully Mihawk pushed his finger in and out of your behind, while Zoro started lapping on your entrance, sticking his tongue inside of you.
Mihawk added a second finger and you were barely able to hold yourself up any longer. You were a moaning mess as the pleasure was surging through your body. Now also Zoro used his fingers and shoved three deep inside you while sucking again on your tickler.
"Fuck!" you cried out as the first ripples of your orgasm caused your innards to tighten.
"That what we plan to do" Zoro chuckle vibrated through your pussy and as your husband let a third finger join the other, you were done. With a loud cry, you came, and you let your spasming body fall in the two men's arms.
Zoro carefully lowered your leg back to the floor and licked your come off his lips "Delicious"
"Don't think we're done with your yet" Mihawk whispered in your ear as you registered at the edge of your still clouded mind that the other swordsman had started to shed his clothes.
When he was naked, your husband gentle pushed you into his arms and while Zoro kissed you hungrily again, Mihawk copied his actions and undressed. Hard and pulsating Zoro's erection pressed against your stomach and you wrapped your hand around the thick shaft.
Zoro groaned lowly as you started to pump his cock carefully, covering his with his precum.
Now also naked, Mihawk joined you again and you all lowered yourself to floor. Zoro was laying on his back with you straddling his hips and finally Mihawk, who was kneeling behind you.
You leaned down to kiss Zoro again, while your husband rubbed his cock between your legs to coat it with your juiced and make it slippery. When he was satisfied, he moved back a little and while Zoro held onto your hips, you reached in between your body, grabbed his erection and slowly lowered yourself onto him. It glided effortlessly into your wet cavern and you both moaned out when he was fully seated. Now Mihawk took hold of your left butt cheek and pulled it to the side while fisting his own cock. He rubbed it a few times to spread your juiced wider, then placed the tip on your back entrance. You slumped over Zoro's body and relaxed and Mihawk slowly pushed his cock onto you. A low groan escaped you as you were stretched but soon his head was sheathed in your behind.
Zoro was still remaining unmoving, though he wished for nothing more than finally thrusting deep inside of you. To keep himself distracted, he grabbed your hair and pulled you in another heated kiss, whirling his tongue around yours.
Mihawk slowly started to move and pushed his cock deeper inside of you with every careful thrust.
When he finally had entered you completely, he gave a sign to Zoro, who released your lips and with a last smug smile at you, started to thrust his hips upwards. He didn't start out gently, he instantly went full force and groaned out in pure pleasure as he buried himself deep inside your core.
Unable to do much between the two rampaging men, you just laid on Zoro's chest and bit into his neck and collarbone to keep yourself from screaming down the whole ship.
The swordsmen soon had found a rhythm as they both thrusted deep and hard into your holes. Mihawk was holding onto your butt and spread your cheeks as he drove deep into you, while Zoro's hands kept your hips in place, so he was able to hit your g-spot with every forceful upwards thrust.
Your stomach started to tightened as another orgasm started to build up and from the way the men's thrusts became slightly sloppier and their quickened groans, you could tell that they also were getting closer.
"Oh. My. Fucking. God"
You pressed out between mewls and sighs as waves of pleasure took over your body. The orgasm hit heard and crying out in pure voluptuousness, you completely let go as your body spasmed during your climax. Stars flashed behind your eyelids and you laid on Zoro's chest, feeling completely drained. Yet, the men weren't done.
They still were trusting mercilessly into your body and Mihawk slipped his hand between you and Zoro, additionally rubbing your still very sensitive tickler. Your body reared up as another pleasure was added and immediately you started to twitch again. Knowing, that they wouldn't both last much longer, the men tuned up one last time and moved their hips even faster.
Suddenly they started to shift and as Mihawk pulled you up in a kneeling position, Zoro slipped out from underneath you. Your husband's fingers replaced the missing cock, which was now pressing against your lips. Zoro had gotten up and was now standing in front of you. You instantly understood what he wanted and opened your mouth wide to take in his member, while rubbing what you couldn't fit with your hand.
As you tumbled in your third orgasm, they had their first and low growl and grunts, they both came and spilled their seeds inside of you. You licked Zoro's cock clean, then fell back into Mihawk's chest, who embraced you. He kissed you lovingly, while pulling out of you and chuckled as he saw your satisfied expression.
"I hope you liked your present"
At that moment, you were just able to nod, your lungs too strained from all the groaning.
A snoring caught your attention and as you both looked over, you found Zoro slumped against the wall and fast asleep. He also was carrying a very relaxed expression.
Laughing, you and Mihawk got up and searched for your clothes, then placed Zoro's cloak over his naked form and left the closet. To your surprise the whole ship was empty, not a single person was left. Distantly, you could hear music and laughing and as you looked around you found your brother's ship being lightened up and many people on deck.
"Seems like they have relocated the party"
You weren't sure if you were amused or embarrassed that you had managed to make a whole party leave because of your sexual intercourse.
Mihawk encircled your waist and pulled you into his chest "Well, we either can join them again" his voice became lower and more seductive "Or go on with our own little party"

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