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As you woke up it was like coming up from a deep deep water but you had no clue how long you'd slept, nor did you remember going to sleep.
You opened you heavy eyelids and tried to sit up but a sharp pain shot through your back and you sank groaning back in the pillows. "What happened?" you looked around the room. It was the infirmary of your ship. You weren't wearing a shirt, instead your whole upper body was covered in bandages. As you looked around the room, you noticed a loud snoring and as you followed the sound, you found your captain on a chair beside the bed fast asleep.
"Captain" you leaned over and shook him but he wouldn't wake up "Captain!" you tried it again but still nothing "Shanks!!" you cried out and hit him upside head. This time he sat up straight in his chair "I'm up, I'm up, I'm u-" he said but stopped when he saw you awake. A huge grin spread over his features "______!" Shanks called out and jumped up from his seat, then he calmed down again and sat back "We were worried about you"
Once again you were stunned how fast Shanks can go from hyper to serious in the blink of an eye.
"What happened to me?" "You don't remember?" Shanks was surprised, but you shook your head "Nothing" "You were duelling with a pirate and you were kicking his ass. He had no chance" Shanks chuckled and it made klick in your head "I was about to finish him off" you mumbled "Then there were shots, then pain and then...nothing"
Shanks nodded his head with an furious glint in his eyes "When his crew saw that he was losing they shot you in the back multiple times"
"Assholes" you grumbled "Cowards" "We beat them up for what they did to you" Shanks told you and still his face was dead serious, then in the next second he started smirking again and jumped up "But what's done is done" he called out "And now I'm going to tell the others you're up" with that he stormed out the room and you could hear him shouting "Guys! She's awake!"
You chuckled and carefully sat up completely, so you were leaning against the headboard.
"You shouldn't move to much" a unfamiliar voice said from the door and as you looked there, you found a small elk with blue nose standing there "My name is chopper" he introduced himself and climbed the chair beside your bed "And I'm your doc-" "You're so cute!" you squealed and chopper immediately became beet red and started dancing around "I'm not. Don't say that, you embarrass me"
In that moment Shanks walked back in the room "I'm gone for a few seconds and you flirt with the next guy you see" You smirked at him and pulled Chopper in a tight embrace "Well Captain, you have to admit that he's way sexier than you are" you were sure that steam came from the elk's ears.
In that moment about your whole crew tried to get in the room at the same time and pushed Shank's over. You laughed out at the sight but then stopped when you saw someone squeeze himself through the boys. And squeeze was mend literally. This guy with a gummi-like structure first pushed his head through and while he tried to get the rest of him body to follow his neck stretch about the triple of lenght. When he eventually stood in the room, he laughed and walked towards you "Hey there, I'm Luffy and now that you're awake we have one more reason to celebrate" "What other reasons do we have?" you asked, curious about what had happened while you we're out. Shanks came up and ruffled Luffy's hair under his straw hat "Luffy became the king of pirates"

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