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Together with some other Shandia, you were on your way from Skypia down to the earth to visit your friends that had helped you to save your home. You had heard that Luffy had become the king of the pirates and you wanted to celebrate this with him.
The clouds around you were thick and grey, almost black and before long it started raining. You were standing on deck, enjoying the new experience of the drops on your skin. It never rains it Skypia. Just sunshine every day of the year and year after year. The cool water felt nice on your face and body, though it made your traditional styled clothe stuck to your body. Something you neither noticed nor minded, simply too excited about all the new experiences.

A door behind you opened and Wiper stepped out of the cabin. His gaze wandered over your body to take in your curves, visible due to your wet clothes. Then he shook his head. "_____!", his yell startled you slightly "You're getting all wet. Get inside before you'll get sick"
You turned around and looked at him with pleading eyes "Not just yet. I never saw or felt rain. Please, let me enjoy it some more"
He looked at you for a few seconds, then while grumbling something under his breath, he walked back inside. Thinking that he was gone, you turned returned your attention to the world around you but just a few seconds later something soft and warm was landed on your head. You pulled it off to find it to be a blanket, then turned her head to look at Wiper who was now standing beside her. His arms were crossed over his bare chest and he was staring straight ahead.
"Thank you". You hid your face in the blanket to hide your blush as you wrapped it around you. From underneath the fabric you looked at Wiper, studies his strong features and blushed even deeper when you followed the way of the droplets of water down sculpted chest.
Suddenly Wiper eyes snapped towards you and you quickly turned your head away. You pulled the blanket tighter around you and shivered slightly under his intense gaze. He pulled his brows together, then snorted. "I told you you'll get sick", he effortlessly lifted you up by your waist and carried you inside. The head he was emitting was so inviting, you couldn't do otherwise bur snuggle into him. Wiper didn't comment on this but also didn't push you away and for the rest of the travel he made sure that you were wrapped up and warm.
At some point you'd fallen asleep and when you were shaken awake gently you already had reached your destination. The sun was shining again when you left the ship but what interested you more was the town that laid in front of you. Everything looked so different from your home, the architecture, the materials and the nature.
"Wow" you breathed out, then started exploring the new surroundings. Some people were looking at you strangely because of your wings and clothes, or the males' lack of clothes, but most were nice and willing to show you anything you didn't know. All the time, Wiper remained close to you and kept an alert eye on your surroundings.

"Hey!" a familiar voice shouted. It belonged to Luffy, who was running towards your small group together with his crew. "What are you all doing down here?". The smirk on his face so huge, you thought it would split. As soon as Sanji spotted you in the rows of the Shandia, he took your hand and kneeled down in front of you "Oh, my dearest ______! What a pleasure for my eyes to see you again"
His lips were about to touch the back of your hand when he was grabbed by his scruff pulled away. "Keep your hands off her" Wiper growled and dropped Sanji carelessly, then pulled you close by your waist "This woman is not to be a playtoy for you"
You blushed deeply and allowed Wiper to pull you with him.

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