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It was dark in the small room and the only thing you could hear was your own breathing and the thumping of your heart

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It was dark in the small room and the only thing you could hear was your own breathing and the thumping of your heart. You were wondering how long you already sat there, but you had completely lost track of time. It had been your own decision to do this but who would have thought that it would turn out like this.
As your crossed legs slowly became numb you shifted in a more comfortable position and stretched your legs in front of you.
Once again you heard Ussop call your name in the distance and you just had to giggle. Quickly you pulled your bandana of your head and held it over your mouth to muffle your laugh until you were able to stop again.
Currently you were playing 'hide and seek' with some of your crew mates, with the sniper being the one to seek.
When Ussop had started to count, you had stormed off and in the first room you came across and right in the closet. It had taken you a while until you'd noticed that you actually were in Nami's room, a place none of the guys would ever dare to enter, fearing the red-heads rage.
At first you'd though you had the perfect hiding spot and that you definitely would win but after god knows how long without being found you slowly grew bored and sleepy. Yet you still were unwilling to lose and still found the funny aspect in the fact that Ussop already had run passed the room about 10 times.
Once again you heard quick steps but instead of passing by again the person entered the room. Getting up, you pressed yourself to the back of the closet and hid behind Nami's coats and dresses. It sounded like the person was running around the room hastily, then suddenly the door to the closet was ripped open. Light entered the small space and you were unable to see the person, then the door was closed and the person pressed against you.
You instinctively closed your eyes and stopped breathing until you heard a more than familiar voice asking "______, is that you?"
Your eyes snapped open and you found yourself face to face with your captain. A deep blush covered your face as you stared in Luffy's big eyes and no word came out of your mouth. Being so close to him always had this effect on you, though this time it was even worse. You were alone together in a small closet and you were close enough that you could feel his breath fanning over your lips.
"Are you all right? Your face is all red. Do you have a fever?" with a worried expression, he placed his hand on your forehead and this was when you snapped out of your trance. You shook your head and smiled "No I'm all right. I just was a little surp-". Before you could finish your sentence Luffy had placed a finger on your lips and stopped you.
You were wondering what was going on when you heard the door to the room being opened once again. Luffy placed also a finger over his lips, signalling for silence and you nodded.
Steps came towards the closet and with each step Luffy subconsciously leaned closer to you, wanting to hide deeper in the closet. His body eventually was pressed up against yours and you were blushing a deep crimson, your heart fluttering like caged bird.
The door was ripped open and without it in his back, you could feel how Luffy was losing his balance, then he fell and instinctively held onto you, causing you to fall with him.
You hid the floor with a loud thud but landing on a gummy man wasn't painful. When you looked up you found yourself lying on Luffy's chest. The blush on your face got even deeper but before you could comprehend what was going on, the infamous red-head of the crew shouted "What are you doing in my closet!" "Oh, hi Nami" Luffy greeted her with a wide smirk "We were playing hide and seek"
Nami sighed annoyed "You were the one who wanted to throw a party tonight to celebrate you now being the king of pirates" she said in a composed voice "AND NOW STOP PLAYING AND HELP PREPARING THE SHIP FOR YOUR GUESTS!!!!"
Immediately you both scrambled to your feet and ran out the room, the game forgotten.

>>>>> Evening <<<<<

After the deck was decorated and the food and drinks were prepared Nami was satisfied and you were allowed to go back to your room to make yourself ready. You'd taken a shower that turned out to last longer than you actually had intended to. At some point you had drifted off to those few seconds back in the closet when Luffy had been pressed up against you. You could still feel the head of his body against your own and could recall how it felt on your skin where he'd touched you.
Eventually you managed to pull yourself out of the memories and returned to your room. You walked to your closet and picked a pair of black shorts with a pink rim and a white shorted-sleeved hoody with a blue rim, together with some long black gloves.
When you were dressed, you dried your hair and placed your bandana in it, as well as a pink collar around your neck. With everything done you left your room and walked upstairs, where already a bunch of people were partying.
You grabbed yourself something to drink, then walked over to Luffy and Ussop.
After some time Ussop suddenly asked "Hey, where did you two hide when we were playing? I couldn't find you anywhere"
Immediately you started blushing again but Luffy just laughed "We were in Nami's closet" "We?" Ussop asked confused "Like in you two together?"
Before any of you could answer, Luffy suddenly called out "Damn! I nearly forgot the game!" then he stormed of.
Luffy climbed a stage and said through the microphone "All right guys! Since some of you were complaining that all the parties are the same and start to get boring, we now play 20 minutes in heaven!!!" There were some cheers and some groans as he jumped down from the stage, pulled the famous straw hat from his head and started to collect different objects from the guys. When he had one thing from each male, Luffy looked around the ship to find his first female victim. A huge smirk spread over his face when his gaze stopped at you. "You're first" he told you and shoved the hat in your face "Pick"
"Why not" you shrugged your shoulders and stuck your hand in the hat and searched around for something interesting to pick, which you found in something thin and square. Becoming curious, you pulled it out to find a simple piece of white paper. You recognized it as Ace' vivre card that he'd given Luffy in Alabasta.
"I guess that's yours" you said to him a little shyly, which Luffy answered with a huge smirk "Yub"
He handed his hat to Nami, then grabbed your wrist and dragged you in the room you used for the game. The door was closed behind you and you found yourself in a dejavue - alone with Luffy in a dark room, though this one was a little bigger.
"Nice party so far" you tried to break the tension, but there was no answer "Luffy?" you asked in the darkness "_____?" he eventually said and you could hear that he wasn't far away from you "Do you know what we're supposed to do in here?"
You sweatdropped "Why did you want to play the game when you don't know what it's about?"
Slowly your eyes adjusted to the darkness and you could see him rubbing his neck embarrassed "Sanji said it would be a lot of fun" "He sure did" you mumbled and sighed How to explain him?
"Well, in the closet your supposed to kifbdh" the last word was just mumbled and Luffy wasn't able to understand "You're supposed to do what?" he wanted to know and your face was burning up "To KISS! You supposed to kiss" you hid your face embarrassed in your hands.
"Do you want to?" Luffy asked a little unsure and you looked at him through your fingers. Of course, you would love to but his expression didn't look like he was very excited about this, so you answered "You just should do that with someone you really like"
"Well, then where's the problem?" this time he sounded more lively and you looked up with wide eyes "Wha-" before you could finish your sentence, Luffy had stretched out his arms and grabbed your arms gentle. He pulled you towards him and you crashed into his chest the same second his lips crashed into yours.
At first you were too stunned to react but soon you closed your eyes, wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back. Luffy smirked and pulled you in tighter, placing one hand at the back of your neck to deepen the kiss more.
You sighed in happiness, surprised about your captain's kissing skills and how gently he was with you. He parted his lips and ran his tongue over your bottom lip, but you were up to teasing him and kept your mouth shut,
Not taking a no as an answer, Luffy started tickling your sides and though you tried hard to supress it, you eventually had to giggle. He immediately took this chance and snaked his tongue in your mouth and started exploring eagerly.
You giggled again at his enthusiasm and decided against fighting, just allowing him to map everything out. Eventually Luffy moved his tongue towards yours and rubbed his against it. You answered to his silent urging to play and rubbed back, twirling your tongue against his.
After a while you had to pull apart for some much needed air and just looked at each other with huge smirks and sparkling eyes.
When your lungs had stopped burning you tucked his head down to you and placed your lips against his. Luffy immediately kisses back but soon left your lips and kissed a path across your cheek, then down your neck. Your head fell back, supported by his hand to give him better access. His lips trailed up and down your neck until he finally heard what he was waiting for.
When he hit a certain spot at the base of your neck, a bold of electricity shot up your spine and you were unable to hold back a moan. Luffy smirked against your skin and started to suck and bite that spot, enjoying the sweet sounds coming from you.
When the colour of your skin had turned a deep purplish-red he released your neck and straightened up to kiss you again.
Right in that moment the door was thrown open and the whole scene was enlightened. You blushed deeply as everyone cheered and whistled for you but Luffy just grinned, grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the closet.
Outside he stopped in front of all the guests, pulled you towards him and kissed you again. You were sure that meanwhile all your blood had been relocated to your cheeks, but you kissed back none the less.    

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