Chapter Four- Unexpected Bloodline

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After Kiba had woken, he had wildly looked to see if Guy Sensei was anywhere close, then sputtered. When he had cleared his voice, he stared at both the Uchiha and Naruto. Naruto started to feel dread. 

"The reason why I almost drowned was because I saw you two kiss! Passionately!" Kiba almost died, his face was flushed and it looked like he was having a hard time breathing correctly. Naruto almost killed him right there and then, but the Uchiha shook his head, rolling his eyes. 

"Yeah, like I would totally do that. NO. You drowned, because you drowned. And you were hallucating." He said straight forwardly and then walked away, earning sighs from girls and an surprised look from Naruto. 

He didn't know if he should be offended or happy. Maybe both. He was so glad he wasn't the weak kind of people that tear up because they got rejected after a kiss, (or maybe the author just hate that sissy/suicidal (I mean, come on!) kind of Naruto other people made for other fanfics) and he shrugged, looked at Kiba, gave him raised eyebrows, then walked off too, heading towards the lockers. 

As he started to enter he remembered the Uchiha had headed the same way, and decided to go in anyways, not caring. After all, it was just a passionate smack on the lips in the pool with the worst possible guy. Nothing to worry about. 

....or so he told himself while slowly backing away from the door. He wanted to bolt and run, then hide till everyone left, but last but not least die in the locker room, smacking himself with his own locker over his stupidity. 

So that's what he did. 

Well, the majority of it. 

Running to a place where he thought was secretive (where couples made out) he sat there shivering and leaning as far away from the couples that came as possible, and surprisingly, he didn't get caught. I should be a ninja, with all my epic abilities. He thought, then waited for a few more minutes as he heard the last of the people leave the hallway. He quietly crawled out, then tried to not freeze to death as he walked back towards the locker rooms, ready to scold himself. Being alone really taught him to do some crazy stuff. 

As soon as he went to the locker rooms, however, he was freezing, literally, his ass off. He skipped the 'dying in the locker rooms' part on his list of things to do, and just took a warm (as warm as it could be) shower. 

When he got out he sighed happily, found a clean towel, then quickly dried off. He changed into his shorts and was about to pull his shirt over his head when he heard something. Pausing with his shirt halfway down, he took it off and put it to the side, then walked quietly towards the thumping sound he had just heard. 

It's just like a horror movie, or an action one, He thought rather unhelpfully, then turned to see what made the noise. Or who, in this case. 

The Uchiha was still here, seeming like he was looking for something. He suddenly froze, then turned around, staring straight at Naruto. Well, this is kind of awkward...

"Have you seen a white, long towel?" The Uchiha asked and Naruto's eyes widened a small fraction before he shook his head, lying. "Nope." He popped the 'P' and started to walked away. 

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