Chapter Two- THAT Party...

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Naruto looked at the homework again before sighing and giving up. Paperwork was not close to easy to him, and school was full of it. He looked at the other students. Kiba was yawning, and looking under the desk every few moments, smiling like an idiot. Naruto knew Kiba was reading the material he had brought to school, but he didn't feel like commenting. Shino was working furiously, almost done. Chooji was eating food under the table and Shikamaru was looking outside the window, staring at the clouds, day dreaming about whatever he was thinking about at the current moment. 

Looking to his left he saw all his enemies. Ino was looking under the table, probably at a text, she liked to sneak phones into classrooms, Neji was done and it looked like he was doing extra homework, that over-achiever. Suigestu-Sasuke's friend that had recently moved here- was drinking water from a water bottle, not having touched his work once, and Sasuke was done, his head on his hands that were propping himself up. For some reason, every time Naruto looked at him, Sasuke would look back at him, then smirk and look away. 

Of course, that's what happened. Naruto looked away quickly before taking up his pencil again, and started to try to work. When he realized what he was doing, he hesitantly put the pencil down. Trying to look away with such a poor excuse? What the hell is wrong with me today? He remembered the gym incident and sighed. That's right, he kissed me. Naruto's brain couldn't be wrapped around that concept. 

Sakura chucked a piece of paper to him a few rows in front and he looked at her, snapping out of his thoughts. Hey Naruto, there's a party going on in Ino's house on Friday, you HAVE TO come with me. I don't have a boyfriend and it's required to have a guy to be with you, so naturally you're my man! Lol, sorry for the crude joke, but yeah. So if you're not doing anything on Friday, I'll give you the address to Ino's house. Remember. WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING OR I SHALL PERSONALLY END YOUR LIFE. Oh, and if you're wondering what that is, it's called a suit with a TIE. Do NOT show up with just a suit and NO tie, like you did last prom year. Reply to me within five minutes or I'll beat you up. -Xoxo Sakura Haruno <3

Naruto groaned and looked at it again, rereading it over a few times. Ino's house? On Friday? Of course he was free, but why did he have to go to a party with Ino there? She was the worst fangirl....well, in the top three for Sasuke. Second place, actually, he was reminded when he saw Karin move to cling on Sasuke. Sasuke shook her off and she pouted before whispering something into his ear. He looked annoyed but raised an eyebrow in surprise, then smirked in amusement. Sasuke nodded before shooing Karin off, but she looked satisfied enough. Sasuke looked at Naruto again and Naruto fumed, looking away, embarrassed. 

Sakura Channnnnnn!!! U know I would have nothing to do that day, so u'r taking advantage of me! Anyways, I think I'll attend, but I need to know. Who's going to be there? Cause if Sasuke or Karin are going, then u'll have to drop rocks on my head to get me to go, no matter what I said earlier. And why do we need such formal clothing? If it's at Ino's on Friday, then I don't see the point. Yeah, Xoxo u too >.>, but just think of my answer as mixed results. He wrote and tossed it to Sakura, who had been staring at him the whole time creepily, and she caught it, smirking when she opened the piece of paper. 

She scribbled something furiously onto his paper and threw it at him, hard, and he had to catch it quickly before it sailed past him. 

I will go pick rocks at lunch time. Unless you go. Willingly. Because no matter what, I will drag your sorry butt to that party, because you-surprise! are the most TOLERABLE guy to be with, believe it or not. Everyone else is just...bleh. It would be nice if Sasuke was my boyfriend... ...ha...ANYWAYS! Do you want me to pick you up, or do you want to meet at her house? Remember, Five minutes to reply. -Sakura 

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