Chapter 16(Flashback Chapter)

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P.S I decided to change Luke's age to 20 because it seems easier for me

Now in high school

Does it go Freshman,Junior,Sophomore then Senior or Freshman,Sophomore,Junior than Senior,don't judge me,I'm not in high school yet so I'm not sure yet

Well enjoy


Luke and Ashton first met at the movies


Luke Hemmings,a 15 year old boy walked into the movies with his big nerdy glasses on his face,he just walked in and he was getting tease about glasses by a group of seniors

"Hey nerd!"one of the guys called out and Luke just kept walking

Luke got turned around by the guy that called him nerd and his group was right behind him

"Hey,don't ignore me when I'm talking to you"the guy said and Luke didn't dare to speak a word

"Alright,you want it nerd,you got it"the guy said,forming a fist and and raised it in the air when someone yelled

"Hey!"the boy came running towards Luke and the seniors and he pulled Luke away from the older boys

"Hey,why you messing with them"The boy asked and Luke just shook his head

"Well anyway,I'm Ashton,whats your"Ashton asked

"I-I'm Luke"Luke stuttered

"Well Luke,i really like your glasses"Ashton commented and Luke smiled

"T-thanks Ashton"Luke stuttered again

"Say,do you wanna watch a movie together"Ashton asked

"Yeah,i would love that"

When Luke asked Ashton on a date

"Hey Ash,can I ask you something?"Luke said

"Go ahead"Ashton said

"Would to...go...on a date...with me?"Luke said slowly

"Sure,I'd love to"Ashton smiled

"R-really?"Luke asked surprised

"Yeah,you seem really sweet and adorable,so I would love"Ashton said and Luke blushed

"Is it ok if I pick you up tomorrow,maybe at 7"Luke said and Ashton nodded

"Great,its a date"

When Ashton asked Luke to be his boyfriend

"Luke,ever since I first met you, was in love with you,your eyes,your hair,your smile,you are the most perfect human being ever,would you do the honor of my boyfriend?"Ashton and Luke was crying

"YES,YES,A MILLION TIMES YES!"Luke yelled,kissing Ashton full on the lips and Ashton kissed back


Hey,sorry it was short

The only reason why there is only one chapter left is

And I'm actually updating this on my phone right now,surprising

I'm gonna write the last chapter,which is also the epilogue


Love Djanique xxx

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