Chapter 14-Month 8(part 2)

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After this chapter,we are going back to the regular chapters,like at the top,I'll just put 'Chapter 15' and continue like that,this book is almost over,aww man,I'm gonna miss writing this so much and thank god there is a a sequel for the story or I would be crying like y'all

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~~~in Ashton's hospital room~~~

"Where the fuck is he?!"Ashton yelled as another contraction hit him."damn it this fucking hurt like hell"

"Ash,are you ok?"Michael asked

"Yeah,being in pain is totally normal if you're in labor,especially when it hurts like a fucking bitch,no I'm not okay Mikey"Ashton said sarcastically

"Geez,I was just asking,no need for sarcasm"Michael muttered

"Whatever,if Luke doesn't get soon,I am going to- oh shit"Ashton groaned when one more contraction hit him

"Okay Ash,just copy my breathing"Michael said."Hoo! Hoo! Hee!"

"Hoo! Hoo! Hee!"Ashton copied Michael exact breathing

5 minutes after,Luke and Calum popped through the door,looking sleepy still and heavily breathing

"Where the hell were you?!"Michael yelled

"Well we were watching a movie and we accidentally fell asleep watching frozen"Calum said,making Michael and Ashton rolled their eyes

"That's a fucking stupid reason,I've heard people come up with better excuses than that"Ashton said

"B-but it's true"Luke stuttered and Ashton let out a snarky laugh

"Yeah ok,so a two hour movie put you in fucking sleep while I was in here crying out in goddamn pain for two hours"

"Yeah but-"but Luke was shut up by Calum who put his hand over his mouth,Calum moved in closer to Luke's ear and whispered

"Don't think about messing with him while he's in labor,he's a lot worse"Luke sighed but he nodded

"So Ash,how many centimeters are you now"Luke asked

"9 centimeters now"Ashton said

"Oooo not anymore,you're now at ten centimeters"Michael said

"Then where the fuck is the doctor now?"Ashton asked

"Uh yeah about that...I ran into a nurse and asked about your doctor and she couldn't make it and all the other doctors were taken"Calum said and Ashton was fuming

"WELL WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO DELIVER MY BABY NOW?!"Michael,Luke and Calum all looked at each other before Michael spoke up

"I'll do it"Michael said."I'm only doing this because I know how much you and Luke want this baby and second of all,you my friend are scaring me"

"Aww,how sweet but deliver my baby now Michael"Ashton growled

"Oh right,sorry"Michael said,walking in front of the bed and bending down

"Dear god,this is the first time I see a d**k,you know forget what I said and start pushing Ash"Michael said.Ashton started pushing as hard as he can

"Oh my god this hurts so much"Ashton groaned

"Wait...wait,I think I see a head,ok,you're crowning now,come on,keep on pushing"Michael said

"I-I can't,I just can't"Ashton said

"Please baby,just trying,do it for the baby please?"Luke said and Ashton nodded

"Fine"Ashton said before he started pushing again

"Ok,the head came out,I see shoulders,ok the arms came out"Michael said,he pulled the little bloody baby coming out and all your heard was a little cry in the whole room

"She's here guys,she's here"Michael said

"Finally"Ashton said,out of breath

"Let me clean her off a bit"Michael said,cleaning the baby before handing it to Luke

"Hi baby,I'm your papa,your daddy brought you into this world and here you are"Luke said as the baby gurgles

"I'm so glad you're here"



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