Chapter 11-Month 6

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It's been a month since the whole miscarriage incident but that all behind Luke and Ashton now,they are starting over again and it's going good,their love have become stronger

"Good morning Luke"Ashton said as he walked int the kitchen seeing his boyfriend making breakfast

"Hey Ash,how my two babies doing now"Luke asked sweetly and Ashton blushed

"Me and the baby are doing fine,thank you for asking"Ashton grab himself a bottle of water and sitting down in a chair and sipping his water.Luke put the food on two plates and placed a plate in front of Ashton who immediately started digging in the food(Ashton is me,I am Ashton,we are one)

" wanna slow down a bit?"Luke asked and Ashton looked up

"I'm doing this for the baby inside of me,do not start"Ashton said with food in his mouth,he swallowed his food and starting drinking the water until he felt a kick in his stomach and he spit all the water out

"Holy frack,Ash are you ok?"Luke asked,getting up from his seat to check on Ashton

"Yeah...I think...I think the baby kick"Ashton said and Luke jaw dropped

"A-are you sure the baby kicked?"Luke asked which ending up him getting slapped in the back of the head by Ashton

"Yes,I'm sure the baby kicked,just feel"Ashton grabbed one of Luke's hand and placed it on his belly as the baby kicked multiple times

"Why do I have a feeling she's gonna be a football(soccer)player when she grows up"Luke laughed and Ashton glared at him then Luke closed his mouth

"HEY BITACHES!"they heard,they knew it was Michael because of his voice and he always says that

"We in the kitchen"Ashton shouted back and Michael walked into the kitchen

"What's happening here?"Michael asked,grabbing a glass of orange juice and drinking it

"The baby kicked"Luke said and Michael spitted out his his juice

"My reaction"Ashton muttered

"You're lying right,please tell me you are lying"Michael said,walking closer to the young couple

"Just come here"Ashton said

Ashton pulled Michael close to him and grabbed a hand and placed it on his belly and the baby was still kicking

"Wow,baby girl is a hard kicker"Michael said,Luke and Ashton nodding their heads in agreement

"3 more month and you will be brought into this world"


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