Chapter 2

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Third Person's POV

Ashton opened his eyes and was blinded by the sunlight hitting his eyes,he looked down to see his boyfriend on top of him,he gently lifted him up and put Luke down next to him.

They decided to bring the rest of the sex upstairs in their room because the couch was uncomfortable for them.

When Ashton got up out of bed,his stomach churned as he rushed to the bathroom to release on the contents in his stomach.

'What the hell'Ashton thought,he never threw before when he wakes up,maybe he is just sick,it will all blow over.


It has been a month since Ashton started up,but it gotta worse,he started getting mood swings,weird food cravings and started vomiting more,he couldn't tell Luke because he was out with their friend Calum,so he could only call his other best friend,Michael,he dialed his number and wait three rings before Michael picked up.



Ashton-hey Michael,it's me.

Michael-oh hey Ashton,what do you need from me?

Ashton-I need you to drive me to the hospital.


Ashton-I don't know,for this whole month,I have gotta mood swings,weird food cravings and started vomiting a lot.

Michael-okay,I'll be there in 10.

Ashton-okay,thanks Mikey.

Michael-no problem Ash.


Michael-bye mate.

After Michael hung up,Ashton waited 10 minutes for Michael to show up.


Ashton heard a car honk,he got up from the couch and walked outside to see Michael's car in front of his house,he walked up to the car and got inside the passenger seat,he hugged Michael and sat down in his seat.

"Long time no see mate"Michael said,looking in Ashton's direction.

"You too"Ashton said.

"So why do you want a ride to the hospital?"Michael asked,which made Ashton glare at him.

"I told you over the phone"Ashton said.

"Okay.calm your nerves,I'll take you"Michael said,starting up the car before driving off.


"Ashton Irwin?"Ashton heard his name being called,he got up from his seat and followed the doctor but stopped and turned around to see Michael staring at him.

"You wanna come Mike?"Ashton asked,Michael simply nodded before getting out of his seat to follow Ashton and the doctor,once they enter the too,Ashton sat on the bed while Michael sat in the waiting chair.

"Hello Ashton,my name is Dr.Chang,so what seems to be the problem with you?"Dr.Chang asked,looking at Ashton.

"Well,for the past month,I'd been throwing up,having food craving and having mood swings like crazy"Ashton said.

"Have you had any sexual interaction with any one this month"the doctor asked.

"Actually yes,with my boyfriend"Ashton said.

"Ok,um can you lay down on the bed for a minute Ashton?"the doctor asked,Ashton nodded laying down on the bed,Ashton felt his shirt being lifted up but he didn't mind,next minute he felt something cold on his stomach,he shuddered a bit before he saw a wand connected to a machine over his stomach.

"Wow,this is unusual"the doctor said.

"What,what's unusual?"Ashton asked.

"You see this little blob here on the screen?"the doctor said,pointing towards the little blob on the screen,Ashton nodded.

"That's your fetus"the doctor said,smiling.

"Wait and second,so you mean-"

"That's right,Ashton,your pregnant."



I'm done,this took forever but I got it done

So on Wednesday,me and my friend was gonna see each other for 1D fourth year together but she is going to six flags with her family but we are meeting on Thursday for 1D fourth year together,it may be a day after but we can still celebrate it

Well hope y'all enjoyed it

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