Chapter 1

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Third Person's POV

Luke and his loving boyfriend Ashton were snuggling on the couch,close to each other,you see,their 2 year anniversary was coming up and they just decided to just go to a bar and gave some drinks tonight and get drunk for they can frickle fackle together.

"Lukey"Ashton whined.

"Yes Ashy?"Luke said,looking at his cute whiny boyfriend.

"It's our 2 year anniversary today"Ashton said,jumping up and down on the couch while Luke slowly shook his head,chuckling.

"I know babe,I know"Luke said,trying to calm down his boyfriend .

"I know too,but I'm too excited because I spend two years with my loving boyfriend who is sitting right next to me"Ashton said,kissing Luke on the lips.

"I am too honey-bunch,I think we should just go to bar tonight"Luke said,smirking.

"Why?"Ashton asked,pouting.

"For we could frickle frackle tonight"Luke said,putting his hand on Ashton's chest.(I kinda feel like a slut for writing that part)

"Oooo me likey"Ashton said,roughly kissing Luke but then stopped,which confused Luke.

"Babe,why did you stop?"Luke asked.

"Oh,it's just because I wanna save it for tonight,for we can have more action"Ashton whispered into Luke's,which made Luke crave for more excitement.

"Oooo now me likey"Luke said.

"Yeah,but if we wanna get drunk off our minds,we need to leave in 30 minutes"Ashton said,pointing towards the clock,which said 8:30pm,Luke nodded and the both headed up to their room to change.

-AT THE BAR 10:30-

After being in the bar for an hour and a half,Luke and Ashton was drunk,way drunk off their minds,thank god they walk to the bar which was only 20 minutes away from their house.

"LUUUUUKKKKEEEYY!"A drunk Ashton said,swaying his hips around(hips don't lie😉)to the music.

"ASSSSSSSHHHHHHYYY!"A drunk Luke said.

"Let's go home now!"Ashton whined,pulling Luke towards the exit.

"Whhhhy?"Luke asked.

"For we can frickle frackle mate"Ashton said,which made Luke giggle.

"Ok"Luke said, following Ashton home.

-AT HOME 10:50-

Ashton opened the front door of their home and pushed Luke inside the house then locked the door,Luke was already taking off his clothes.(they are doing on the couch)

Luke pulled Ashton over to him and started unbuckling his pant and took off his shirt then pushed him on the couch and started kissing him roughly.


"That was the best sex ever"Ashton said,looking at his heavily breathing boyfriend.

"It was,wasn't it"Luke said,still kinda sore from the sex.

"Yeah,it was,I'm still kinda sore though"Ashton said,Luke wrapped his arms around his boyfriend gently before laying his hand on Ashton's chest,snuggling into his neck and slowly fell asleep.A couple minutes later,Ashton feel asleep.



This is my new MPreg story

I never made one

So I decided to do one

So I deleted two books because I had no passion for them no more but the other books I have passion for them

So this is Lashton,I made the cover,I just used two apps for it,Pic Collage and PixlrExpress,it was easy,download them if you need a cover

So Lashton and Cake are my biggest OTP,so I got a question

What's your biggest OTP in 5SOS?

Please comment and vote,I love you gals

Love Djaniquexxx

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