Not an Update(5SOS)

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Ok,so did anyone see 5sos live on the TODAY show,OMG it was perfect,but what really pissed me off is that when Luke was about to sing the last part (his part) in Amnesia,it cut iff,like what,I wanna see 5SOS perform then stupid commercials

Okay,since this was in New York,I live in New York but I couldn't afford tickets so I just watched it on tv

But you know what really shocked me,when One Direction perform,they had 18,000 people there but when 5SOS perform,they had over 20,000 people,like wtf,I love 5sos but One Direction is the biggest band in the world,they should've had more people

And they compared One Direction to Big Time Rush,like what,we are talking about 5SOS here people,you know how hard it was trying not to scream,when One Direction and Little Mix went on the TODAY show,I missed it because I had school,so this was the only time I got to see 1/3 of my favorite band

Sorry about the rant,I'll be updating today so bye

Love Djaniquexxx

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