Chapter 6-Month 3

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Third Person's POV

Ashton is already in the third month of his pregnancy,he can already see a bump form on his shirt whenever he put one on

'6 months to go'Ashton thought as he was rubbing his small baby bump

Ashton was having more hormones lately,throwing up more lately and having more weird food cravings,and it kinda sickens him but it's worth it,he wanted to keep this child since Michael explained why,right now,him and Luke are now talking about baby names,while Michael and Calum are arguing if it's a boy or a girl







"Guys,will you tell Michael that the baby is gonna be a boy"Calum said to the boys looking at baby names

"Calum,we don't even know if it's gonna be a boy"Ashton said

"So it has to be a girl,AHA!"Michael exclaimed

"We don't know if it's gonna be a girl either"Luke said,rolling his eyes

"Fine,then me and Michael will bet"Calum said,Ashton and Luke put down the book and turned to the boys

"A bet,really?"Luke and Ashton said at the same time

"Yes,if it's a boy,Michael owns me 100 dollars and if it's a girl,I own him 100 dollars"Calum said,shaking hands with Michael as the bet was made

"Well you guys will know in another month as I hit my 4 months doctor appointment"Ashton said

"It's that long?"Michael whined

"It's only in 1 week"Ashton said

"Yeah but it's still long"Michael said

"Whatever Clifford"Ashton said,before turning around,facing Luke

"Luke,go make me something"Ashton demand,nicely

"Sure,what do you want?"Luke asked,ruffling his boyfriends hair

"Make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with pickles"Ashton said,making Michael and Calum to gag in disgust,Luke nodded before heading off into the kitchen then Ashton turned to Michael and Calum

"Really Ash,PB and Jelly with pickles,thats so gross"Calum said

"Hey,i don't see you carrying a child"Ashton sassed,which made Michael laugh

"Ok,you gotta point"Calum said sighing

"Duh!"Ashton exclaimed before huffing


"I'm coming!"Luke yelled back,Ashton muttered a 'fat ass' under his breath before sitting back down on the couch

6 more months to go


So hope this is good

Can y'all come up with baby names,a first name and middle name,please,id do anything for you so do this for me,well enjoy

Love Djaniquexxx

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