Chapter 15

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So I looked through all the baby names and I picked

And the baby girls name is...Cassidy,named picked by @Narryoverany,thanks for the name,I love love that name,I really didn't think of a middle so her name will just be Cassidy Hemmings(don't ask),your names were beautiful too,I really loved them

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(Doing time lapse when they get home with the baby because I'm too lazy to write all of that)

The four boys came from the hospital with the baby,another miracle has been brought into the world

Luke and Ashton still haven't picked a name for their baby and there is so many to choose from,it's hard for them to pick through million of names

"Ugh,this is so impossible,we can't find one perfect name"Ashton groaned and Luke nodded in agreement

"I agree"Luke said

"How about Cassidy?"Calum said out of nowhere

"Why that name"Luke and Ashton asked at the same time

"Well it's cute name and at least when she grows up,she would have a nickname"

"Well it is a good name,so it's official,our baby girl Cassidy"Ashton said

"Wait but if I don't like the name"Luke argued

"Well I like the name,so you should"Ashton said

"Oh no,they're at it again,I thought no more arguing means no more arguing,looks like I was wrong"Calum said,he got up and walked behind the couple and smacked them both on the head

"Ow,what was the for?"Ashton and Luke both exclaimed as they rub their heads

"You two were arguing,I thought no more arguing mean no more arguing"Calum said

"Yeah but-"Ashton started but got cut off by Calum

"I wasn't finished,y'all were all argumentative back then and now,y'all are doing so perfectly,so please don't start arguing please"Calum begged and Ashton and Luke both looked at each other

"Yeah,Calum's right,we argue way too much and it's getting out of hand"Ashton sighed."I'm so sorry Lukey"Ashton said,hugging Luke

"I'm so sorry too Ash"Luke said,hugging Ashton back

"Ok,so that all the romance is over,can y'all come up here"the three boys turned theirs heads to Michael who was at the top of the stairs

All the boys walked up the stairs and met with Michael on top of the stairs

"What do you need Mikey?"Ashton asked

"Well Ash,Im going need you to close your eyes"Mikey said

"Um why"Ashton asked confused

"It's a surprise"Michael said

"You are so freaking lucky I like surprises"Ashton muttered as he closed his eyes

"And it to be more fun,Luke,cover Ash eyes with your hand"Michael said which made Ashton groan

"Oh come on"Ashton felt Luke's hands covering both of his eyes

They started walking towards a room(the nursery)and Michael opened the door a little and they walked inside the room,Luke took his hands off of Ashton's eyes

"Ok Ash,you can open your eyes"Michael said,Ashton opened one eye and then opened the other and he gasp

The room was pink and purple,lots of toys on the side,the changing was on the side of the room,there were little flowers on the walls and the baby's crib was in the middle of the room(not the best description but whatever)

"OMG,it's beautiful"Ashton commented."who did all of this?"all three boys raised their hands and Ashton hugged Michael and Calum and kissed Luke on the cheek

"It's pretty,when did y'all start"Ashton asked

"3 months ago,we didn't wanna show you until it was ready and now it is"Calum said

"Well it's beautiful,I love it"


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So I wanna try updating on my phone for the first time

Anyway,they are only two more chapters left then a epilogue and the next chapter is a flashback chapter on how Ashton and Luke met

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