Chapter 3-Month 1

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Third Person's POV

"Pregnant!Im pregnant,like carrying a real life human being in me?!"Ashton said,looking at the little picture of the baby on the screen,Michael is just in a shocked state so he couldn't even move

"Yes you are,I'll give you and your friend a moment"the doctor said before leaving the room,Michael got out of his seat and walked over to Ashton's bed and sat on the bed next to Ashton

"You gonna keep it?"Michael asked

"I don't know,I mean it's a human being,Mine's and Luke's human being"Ashton said

"I know it's your choice but I think you should keep it"Michael said,looking at Ashton's stomach

"I should keep it?Why?"Ashton asked,looking at Michael curious

"Because it's a living thing growing inside of you,Ashton,this is a miracle"Michael said

"Yeah but I'm 20 and Luke's 18,we're not ready for a child!"Ashton said,still looking at the monitor

"Ashton,this is your decision,not mine,you wanna have this baby?"Michael asked

"I think I want to"


When Ashton got home,he invited Michael inside,they walked inside to see Luke and Calum laughing about whatever,Luke saw Ashton and got u

"Ashy,where were you,I was worried sick"Luke said,hugging Ashton

"Oh I just went out with Michael"Ashton said,Luke glared at Michael,you see,Luke and Michael still hate each other

"Oh,ok"Luke said through gritted teeth before walking angrily into the kitchen

"Hey Calum,can I talk to you about something?"Ashton said,Calum nodded and got up and walked to Ashton.Ashton grabbed Michael's and Calum's hand before dragging them upstairs to his room,he pushed them in and locked the door

"Ashton,what's wrong?"Calum asked

"This is gonna be hard to say but I'm...pregnant"Ashton said,looking at Calum's expression

"Like...carrying a child inside of you"Calum asked

"Yes,I'm pregnant"Ashton said,scared of Calum's expression

"IM GONNA BE AN UNCLE!"Calum whisper-shouted,hugging Ashton

"Wait,did you tell Luke yet?"Calum asked

"Actually,I'm planning on telling him tonight"


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