Chapter 9-Month 5(part 2)

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Luke sat in the waiting room for an hour,he still hasn't heard about Ashton yet and he is desperate,the lady said 15 minutes,well 15 minutes turned into an hour

"Luke"Luke heard his name being called by Michael

"What"Luke said a little harshly

"I was able to talk to the doctor and we're able to see Ashton now"and Luke immediately rose from his seat and started run to Ashton's room with Calum and Luke slowly behind him

When Luke got there,he saw a doctor there so he stopped his tracks and looked at the doctor

"You're the doctor for Ashton Irwin right?"Luke asked and the doctor nodded

"May I see him please?"Luke asked,the doctor motioned his hand at Luke to follow him to Ashton's room

They both walked into the room and saw Ashton laying on the bed with his eyes closed

'They must have put him to sleep'Luke thought

The doctor left Luke and a sleeping Ashton in a silent room,Luke walked over to a side of Ashton's bed and grab a chair before sitting down and grabbed Ashton's hand and kissed it

"Ash,if you you didn't hear,we lost our baby boy and I don't know how that happened,maybe you were stressed or something,I hope that stress wasn't because of me,what I heard is that our baby boy became weak over time and that led you into a miscarriage,I'm so so so so sorry Ash,if we had never had sex five months ago,this would've never happened,we could've had a normal life together,now,it's just...I don't know any more"Luke sighed

"It was One Drunken Mistake"Luke said

"It's a mistake that could never ever be undone,and I'm sorry,I'm so sorry"Luke finally said before getting up and leaving the room

He didn't know that Ashton have heard the whole thing






Luke walked out of Ashton's room to see Michael and Calum waiting for him there

"So did it go?"Calum asked

"He was still sleeping so I told him the truth"Luke said,Michael and Calum both looked at Luke confused

"I told him it was a drunken mistake,it should've never happened"Luke said before walking away from the two boys

Michael's POV(surprise mother freakers)

Did Luke just say what I think he said?

Calum's POV(hey,it's CalPal)

Why...why would Luke say that,especially to Ashton?

Third Persons POV

Luke walked out of the hospital,he needed time to think,time of all the crap that's happening in his life now,all of this was happening too fast

"Luke!"Luke turned around to just see Michael coming towards him

"What do you want Clifford?"Luke said harshly

"Listen,I'm not here to freaking fight,but why would you say that?"Michael asked

"Say what?"Luke asked

"Why would you say that making Ashton pregnant was a mistake"Michael told Luke and Luke just shrugged

"Because it was Michael,it shouldn't have never happened,I didn't know it would come to this"Luke said

"Come to what"Michael asked,worriedly

"I can't stay any longer,I got too much on my mi-"but before Luke could even finish what he was saying,Michael slapped him

"Have you lost your freaking mind Hemmings?! You're just going to leave your 5 month pregnant boyfriend to get things off your mind?! Ash got more things on his mind more then you but I don't see him leaving you,now do I?"Michael sneered at Luke

"Yeah b-"Luke was cut off by Michael

"Don't freaking talk until I'm finished,now,I want answers,where do you planning on go to 'get things off your mind' "Michael said,doing air quotes from his fingers

"I'm planning to go to my mothers house"Luke told Michael

"For how long?"Michael asked

"Maybe a month"Luke said and Michael shook his head in shame

"That's a fuc-"Michael started but got cut when his phone started ringing,he groaned then took out his phone to see Calum calling him,Michael clicked the 'accept' button and put his phone up to his ear

"Yeah Calum"Michael said

"Ashton's awake"


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