Chapter 10-Month 5(part 3)

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Hiya,I have nothing to say to y'all,I'm suppose to be asleep but I'm sleep deprived but yay,a double update

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"Ashton's awake"

End Of Flashback

"Michael,what happened?"Luke asked worriedly

"Ashton just woke up"Michael said and Luke's eyes widened

"Really?"Luke asked and Michael nodded

"Yeah,I'm gonna go see him,you wanna come?"Michael asked and Luke sighed

"Yeah,but I'm only coming for I can tell him that I'm leaving for a bit for I can get things clear in my mind"Luke said and Michael scoffed

"Have fun getting killed,I'll plan your funeral later"Michael sassed before walking back into the hospital with Luke right behind him who was mentally killing Michael in his mind


When Luke and Michael got near Ashton's hospital room,they saw Calum walking back and forth,biting his lip,Calum stopped his tracks when he saw Michael and Luke walk towards him

"Luke...Ash wants to see you first and let me tell you,he does not sound or look happy"Calum looked worriedly at Luke and Michael gave Luke a 'I told you he was gonna kill you look' ,Luke sighed before standing in front of the door and grabbing the knob before twisting it and opening it,seeing Ashton watching tv

"Hey Ash,how are you doing?"Luke said,Ashton looked in Luke's direction before turning off the tv

"Hello Lucas,I'm doing fine,how about you?"Ashton said and Luke looked at him weirdly

'The hell,why is he calling me Lucas?' Luke thought

"Uh...I'm doing fine"Luke told Ashton and Ashton just simply nodded

"Good,now can I ask you a question Luke?"Ashton asked and Luke nodded

"What did you mean by 'One Drunken Mistake' ?"Ashton asked and Luke gulped

'He heard what I said,shit,I'm in big trouble' Luke thought

"I have no idea what you're talking about"Luke lied

"You know exactly what I'm fucking talking about,one drunken mistake,are you kidding me?"Ashton exclaimed

"I didn't know what I was talking about"Luke said and Ashton groaned

"Just tell me the truth and it will be all over,why did you say that?!"Ashton yelled

"MAYBE BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT A CHILD,THATS WHY!"Luke screamed and covered his mouth after realizing what he said(haha Luke is a bitch now)

Silence just filled the air for the two boys

"What did you just say?"Ashton gasp

"I-I don't know where that came from"Luke said

"Luke,if you never wanted a child,why did you say so?"Ashton asked

" looked like you wanted a child your whole life and I couldn't let you down"Luke sighed

"When I found out I was having child inside of me,I wasn't happy either but after Michael talked to me,I wanted this child now"Ashton sighed,Luke walked over to Ashton's bed and sat on the bed

"I'm sorry I said never wanted to have a child,I do,I really do"Luke sighed and Ashton kissed his cheek

"I knew what you said before couldn't be true"Ashton before leaning in Luke they started kissing until Calum yelled through the door

"Can we come in now,we're dying out here!"Luke laughed a little

"Sure,come on in"Calum and Michael burst through the door

"Ok,so all the arguing is done? No more fights or anything like that?" Calum asked and Luke and Ashton nodded

"No more arguing"



Keep telling saying that and watch what happens

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