Chapter 17/Epilouge

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WARNING:Drama and arguing and Double Update


*****5 months later*****

Things have been going good the past five months,not that much arguing,just little disagreement now and then and it's all good now

"Hey Luke"Michael said as he walked into the house

"Hey Mikey,how ya doing?"Luke asked,they are kinda best friends now

"Great,um...where's Ash?"Michael asked

"He's upstairs,putting the baby to sleep why?"Luke told Michael

"Well...I got a girlfriend and she's outside"Michael said

"Oooo,let me see her"Luke begged and Michael grunted

"Ugh fine"Michael said,opening the door and a girl walked in

She was wearing a crop top,short skinny jeans,Jordan's,and her blonde hair was in a messy bun

"Luke,this is Becky,Becky,this is Luke"Michael introduced them and Becky and Luke shook hands

"Nice to meet you Luke"Becky said sweetly

"You too"Luke said,the two started talking a bit and they have a lot in common

"Oh,hey,I gotta go pick up Calum"Michael said

"Yeah,I gotta pick him up too"Luke said

"Becky,is it okay if you stay here while me and Luke pick up our friend?"Michael asked and Becky nodded

"Yeah,it's totally fine,but I have a feeling someone else lives here"Becky said unsure

"Yeah,my boyfriend Ashton lives here,don't worry,he's nice"Luke said

"Yay! Ok,now go ahead you two,pick up your friend"Becky shooed the boys out the door while they laughed,once they were out the door

Becky started to take a tour around the house,she noticed how nice the house is,how tidy it is

"This is such a nice house,wish I could live here"Becky muttered,she walked passed a room and heard someone(Ashton) singing,she backed up and leaned her head against the door,after a couple of seconds,she put her hand on the doorknob and twisted it quietly and opened it quietly and peeked her head inside to see someone holding a baby and singing

'So this must be Ashton,he sings pretty good'Becky thought

She saw Ashton put the baby down in the crib and then Becky stood in the room

"You sing good"Becky commented and Ashton jumped and turned around to see Becky

'Wow,he is mighty attractive'Becky thought

"Erm...thanks,uh,may I ask who you are?"Ashton asked

"Oh sorry,I'm Becky,I'm Michael girlfriend"Becky said and Ashton's eyes widened

"Michael? As in Michael Clifford? As in the guy who keeps dying his hair Michael?"Ashton asked and Becky laughed,nodding

"Yes,that's Michael"Becky said

"Oh...well nice meeting you,I'm Ashton"Ashton said

"I know,I met your boyfriend downstairs"Becky said

"Cool, you wanna go downstairs?"Ashton asked and Becky nodded

"Sure"the two both walked down to the living room and sat on the couch

"So what you wann-"Ashton started but got interrupted by Becky

"Can I just say you got the cutest lips I have ever seen"Becky said,flirting with Ashton

"Um...thanks...I guess"Ashton said awkwardly,Becky climbed on to Ashton's lap and put her finger on his lip

"Sh,no talking,only kissing"Becky said as she slammed her lips into Ashton's lips,and they both heard the door open and Ashton pushed Becky off,but it was too late,they were already caught by Michael,Calum and Luke

"What's going on here?"Luke asked

"Well you se-"Ashton started but got interrupted by Becky

"I don't know,he found me irresistible then he just pulled me onto his lap and just started kissing me"Becky lied and Ashton mouth dropped

"WHAT!"Michael and Luke yelled and Calum was completely lost at this point

"That is not what happened at all,I swear"Ashton said

"So you just cheated on me?"Luke asked

"N-"Ashton got cut off by Luke who said two word that crumpled down Ashton's world

"It's over"Those were the finally words Luke said before he walked out the door,he walked out of Ashton's life



It's over

But don't worry

There's a sequel

The titles name will be "One Unforgiven Mistake"

I like that title,I'm gonna make it now

And can someone make a cover please


It's gonna be up soon

Love Djanique xxx


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