Chapter 12- Dylan

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          How to kill him, how to kill him... Maybe I could wait until he's asleep and smother him with a pillow... Yeah that would definitely work, only I would need to wear gloves so my fingerprints aren't found... Then again, should I just leave him there ot hide the body myself... If I just leave him there they might think he died of natural causes... Besides, he's really heavy and it would be a pain in the ass to lug his corpse around... But as soon as the doctors perform an autopsy they would know he was suffocated... Would they though? If they suspect foul play I'm screwed because I'm the only one with a key to his house... I could break a window to make it look like someone-

       "Dylan, bro, are you ok? You've been staring off into space for like five minutes."

     I glare at Nate, positively furious with him.

      "Why, why in the name of all that is holy, would you tell them I'm going to that party!?" I demand.

      Nate holds his hands up in a gesture that can mean both I'm innocent and I surrender. In this case, it probably implies both.

      "Sorry, man, but why don't you want to go to the party? It's gonna be awesome. Literally all our friends are gonna be there!" Nate exclaims defensively.

       "Exactly!" I yell emphatically back at him. "There will be people there! I will have to socialize! And besides, I have plans on Friday."

      "With who?" Nate inquires dubiously. "Everyone is gonna be at the party."

     "It's just gonna be me and my computer," I tell him, and when he raises a judgemental eyebrow, I quickly add, "No, not like that! I meant that I was going to binge watch West Wing, you little perv!" Nate shakes his head disapprovingly.

      "You know, this is for your own good," he tells me. "You are so antisocial! You need to get a life!" I roll my eyes.

      "Are you really telling the infamous 'bad boy', one of the most popular people in our grade, to get a life?" I ask.

      "You know," Nate says, "For such a popular 'bad boy' you're kinda a friendless nerd."

    Shit! I need to get my act together ASAP! I only transferred here last year, and at my old school I was the epitome of a friendless nerd, and I was bullied for it. I promised myself that this school would be different, and so far it has been. But still, I have worked so hard to be where I am now; I joined the basketball team, made out with girls, and gained a 'bad boy' reputation, and yet it seems that already Nate is seeing through my facade to who I truly am: a weak, pathetic, socially awkward geek. And that's why I say, out of desperation to hold on to my coolness,

      "Fine. I'll go. But there had better be some hot girls there." Which, now that I think of it, is a brilliant plan: make out with a girl so that I keep my reputation, and to avoid conversation. Wow. I am a frickin genius!

AN: sorry for the wait. I had really bad writers block, so bad that I almost abandoned this story, but my creative streak is back! So, you get some background on Dylan this chapter. What do you think? What do you think is gonna happen at the party. Get hyped, because I'm already plotting! Insert evil laugh.

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