Chapter Five- Lilah

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        I step into History class. I am actually excited. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be the dumb blonde cheerleader, but I love History. And I'm not as dumb as people assume I am. Sure, if I'm not interested in a class, like in Physics, I tend to space out, but it's not my fault if I find Physics boring, tedious, and useless. If it's a class I'm interested in, then I'm actually pretty smart. And call me a nerd, but I find History fascinating, and I'm really good at it!

       The desks are arranged in squares made up of four desks. I sit down at an empty square in the center of the classroom. I always sit in the middle in classes I like, but I always sit in the back in classes I don't enjoy.

       I wait for any of my friends to arrive. Kelsey has a different class now, so we said our goodbyes after torture (AKA Physics.) I feel bad for feeling relieved. Kelsey is super nice, and as it turns out, a great Physics buddy because she's amazing at it, but I wouldn't be able to withstand another 45 minutes of her constant chatter.

       Just then, I see Celia walk in, accompanied, strangely enough, by two boys I recognize as Dylan and Nate. Nate is one of the school's biggest players, and Dylan is the school's badboy. I wouldn't expect Celia to hang out with either of them.

       They are both too pretty for their own good. Nate has the typical golden boy look, rather like his brother- Don't go there, Lilah. Dylan is the very definition of tall, dark, and handsome. As I admire the two fine male specimens, I realize that they, along with Celia, are coming my way.

      The three of them sit down, filling in my group of four. I smile.

        "Hey Ceels," I say. "Found some new friends?" She shakes her head, giving them the stink-eye.

        "More like some new barnacles," She responds. "I can't get rid of them." I laugh. I realize Nate is staring at me. He startles when he realizes he's caught, but quickly recovers, draping an arm across the back of Celia's chair.

      "Don't lie, darling," He says in response to her previous barnacle comment. "You know you love me." Celia just scoffs in response.

      Nate turns back to me. "You're Lilah Green, aren't you?" He asks. I nod in affirmation, wondering how much his brother has told him. How much he knows.

       If Nate knows anything about what transpired between his brother and I, he hides it well. He just smirks at me.

       The teacher, Mrs. Winston, arrives and class begins. I am attentive and actually enjoying myself. Mrs. Winston has had me before, and she is aware of my love for history. Dylan is quiet the whole period, just scowling. Nate continues to annoy Celia, who is glaring at him and trying to concentrate. It goes on like this until the bell rings, signaling the end of class.

       "What do y'all have next?" I ask Celia, Nate and Dylan. "Cause I have Lit with Mr. Brian." I hope one of them has the same class as me, so I can walk with them. I don't like going anywhere alone. Being with people gives me a sense of security.

       Celia looks at me apologetically.

        "Sorry, I have Physics," she answers. Nate shakes his head.

        "English." He says. Finally, I look at Dylan, half not expecting him to talk.

        "I have the same as you," he tells me. Damn, he has a sexy voice, I think to myself.

        "Great, let's go!" I exclaim. I grab his arm and half drag him out of the door. He sends Nate a save me look, but Nate just laughs. We head on our way, Dylan roughly yanking his arm out of my grasp. Okay, be like that. Your sexiness means nothing to me if you're a douchebag, I silently lie.

AN: so, Lilah has a past with Nate's brother! What do you think it is? Next chapter Lilah and our dearest Dylan will get a class alone together! How do you think it will turn out?

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