Chapter 8- Dylan

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       I was furious. At first, lunch had been merely tedious with Missy relentlessly flirting with me, but it wasn't that bad. Honestly, I don't even know why I'm complaining about a pretty girl flirting with me. But then, when Lilah made Emma cry, that really pissed me off. Emma is in a bunch of my classes and we are usually partered up for everything because her last name is Miller and mine is Mitchell. We have formed a friendship over the years. She never hangs out with the populars though and is really shy, so I doubt that Lilah even knew her name.

        I mean, I get that a lot of what Emma said was really harsh, but it was kind of justified. I mean, Lilah did sleep with her boyfriend. It's not like a 'sorry' just makes that better. Emma had really liked Evan, even though they had only dated for the summer, and what Lilah had said was pouring salt in the figurative wound of his infidelity. And after Emma had run off sobbing, Lilah had been totally unapologetic! In fact, no one at the table had shown a shred of sympathy for Emma despite her being the victim in the situation. Ugh. Humanity really pisses me off sometimes.

         Mostly, I was just angry at Lilah. Bad enough that she would sleep with someone's boyfriend, but for her to then treat that person so cruelly!? I had heard that she was a heartless bitch, but this incident really confirmed it. As for her excuse of not knowing that Evan was Emma's boyfriend, well I call BS. Everyone knows that Lilah doesn't care if the guys she sleeps with are taken.

         After storming out of lunch, I had eaten outside. Emma was in my next class, still sniffling, and I had done my best to comfort her. Thank God Lilah wasn't in any of my classes for the rest of the day, or I might have snapped.

     At the end of the day, I headed out to the parking lot. I had to pick my little sister up from middle school. As I drive to her school, I wince, realizing that Lilah also had detention. Poor Nate. Stuck with the bitch.

     When I pull into the parking lot of the middle school, my sister Annie is already waiting for me. She clambers into the car, already chattering away. Sigh.

      "That was so great! I got to see all my friends again and OMG Connor Murray got cute! He was sitting next to me in English because we both have M names and all my friends were totally jelly! Also Kathy is having a sleepover at her house on Friday, and no one else is gonna go if I don't go so she was like begging me to come!" She squeals. Yes, I'm aware, my sister has a better social life than I do. I may sit at the popular table, but only Nate, girls who want to hook up, and very occasionally some of my teammates talk to me. Out of all of them, I would only consider Nate a friend.

       "Well, kiddo, you'll have to ask mom about the sleepover," I tell Annie. She wrinkles her nose in annoyance.
        "I told you to stop calling me kiddo! I'm in eighth grade now. I'm thirteen! I'm a legit teenager! Not a kid!" She exclaims angrily. I smile affectionately at her.

       "You'll always be my kid sister," I say. She may be annoying, but I love that little weirdo.

AN: Aww, Dylan with his lil sis is adorable, amirite? Sorry for the long wait. I decided to take a vacation from writing over winter break because I wanted to spend as much time as possible with family. What do you think about Emma so far? Should she become a more major character? What about Annie? Lmk, and don't be a silent reader!


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