Chapter 6- Dylan

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Shout out to alliexwrites for the gorgeous new cover!

         Lilah half-drags through the halls. I wonder how she is so comfortable with someone she barely met. Then again, she is head cheerleader, and I'm a "badboy." She probably wants to hook up, just like the rest. Not that I'm complaining, seeing as she is the most attractive girl in school, but I always have to think up new excuses why I don't want to take things further.

      To my surprise, Lilah actually takes me to Lit, instead of leading me to an empty classroom or secluded corner. I'm kinda relieved, because Lit is my favorite subject. I love books. I know, I'm such a geek. I have to hide it though, because if anyone found out, I would instantly lose my rep, and instead of being the "badboy," I would become another bullied, quiet, socially awkward nerd at the bottom of the highschool hierarchy. And I've been there before, and it isn't pleasant.

       The seats are arranged in pairs. I head to the back, and Lilah sits in the middle of the classroom, directly in front of me. The seats slowly fill in, and a brunette girl I vaguely recognize as another cheerleader sits next to Lilah. The seat next to me remains empty. My "badboy" persona tends to intimidate people, with a few exceptions, so while I'm considered "popular," I only have a few real, close friends.

      The teacher, Mrs. Fischer, walks in. She takes attendance and tells us to take out our copies of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, our summer reading book. There is a general flurry of movement around the class as everyone retrieves their books, some students frantically digging around in their bags in a struggle to find their copies. Lilah is one of those people. She eventually gives up and nudges her deskmate, asking to look on in her copy, and the girl nods.

     Mrs. Fischer, of course, sees this and calls Lilah out on it.

      "Miss Green, where is your book?" She asks. Lilah grimaces.

       "I don't know?" She responds hesitantly. The class titters.

       "Well you'll be needing it, so try to figure that out," The teacher gently chastises her. "For now, you may look on with Ms. Welsch, but I expect you to come prepared to class and have a copy of Pride and Prejudice by the end of the week." Lilah nods, a faint blush tinting her cheeks at the reprimand.

      Mrs. Forbes proceeds to start a discussion on Mr. Darcy's character. To my immense surprise, Lilah raises her hand. The teacher calls on her.

       "I think Mr. Darcy is constantly over judged. He is only what he was brought up to be, and he gets better throughout the book." She says. I snort under my breath. Unfortunately, Mrs. Fischer hears me.

      "Is there something you'd like to say, Mr. Mitchell?" She inquires. I mentally weigh the pros and cons of speaking up, and eventually decide it can't hurt to say what I want to say just this once.

      "I think that Lilah is letting Mr. Darcy off the hook too easily. He is a judgemental snob! Mr. Bentley was also raised in high society, and he's not so uptight. Besides, Mr. Darcy only changes to win over Elizabeth." The class openly gawks. Mrs. Fisher opens her mouth, but before she can say anything, Lilah blurts out,
       "The fact that Mr. Darcy changes for Elizabeth is beautiful! Their love is amazing! And besides, he's totally hot!" The class is still shocked. I openly laugh at their faces and at Lilah's defense. Mrs. Fischer looks at me.

      "Do you have a response to that, Mr. Mitchell?" I stop laughing and say,

      "What do Mr. Darcy's looks have to do with anything? They aren't a valid reasin to like him! They definitely don't excuse his attitude!" Lilah is furious.

        "What does that say about you then, asshole? Cuz you clearly don't get girls with your personality!" She hotly retorts. Low "Oooh"s and comments of "Burn!" and "Roasted!" fill the room. I expect Mrs. Fischer to rebuke Lilah for her profanity, but she is smiling.

      "Okay, that was getting a little off-topic," She interjects before I can respond. "Miss Green, I will excuse your language because that is one of the best debates on Pride and Prejudice that I have ever witnessed, but you won't be so lucky next time." With that she continues. Righy before the bell rings, she informs the class that she will implement a seating chart tomorrow, a statement that is met with many groans, and then everyone files out of the classroom and heads to lunch.

AN: I really enjoyed writing this chapter! What do you think? It's been a while since I've read Pride and Prejudice so let me know if I got anything wrong. Next chapter is lunch, so there is bound to be some drama there!

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