Chapter 2- Dylan

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        I pull up to the school, mentally groaning. I miss summer already. Also, it's senior year, which means that although it's the last year of indentured hell, it's also the year to stress about college.

       My best friend Nate walks up to me and pulls me into a bro hug.

      "Wassup Dylan! Ready for a kickass school year?" He grins at me. I scowl at him.

       "Don't remind me," I groan.

       "So you're not excited at all?" He asks me incredulously. I shake my head.

       "What's there to be excited for? Homework, college stress, and judgemental assholes?" I really don't like high school. Clearly. Nate shakes his head at me.

        "You need to stop being so grumpy all the time!" He admonishes me. "You're basically a teenage old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn! Look on the bright side! Live in the moment! YOLO!" That's my best friend, the walking, talking greeting card.

        I think part of the reason Nate and I get along so well is that we are such polar opposites. Nate is an optimistic, constantly happy, overly bubbly, annoyingly cheerful extrovert. I am a pessimistic, grouchy, shy, introverted salty cracker.

         Even our looks are opposite. Nate is all blonde hair and blue eyes and wide smile and stereotypical All-American boy. I am much darker, with tanned skin, brown hair, and almost black eyes.

           And while Nate is broad, being a linebacker on the football team, I know, I know, what a cliche, I am taller but leaner, playing center for the basketball team.

        We walk into school, Nate greeting all of our friends, aquaintances, and teammates (what a social butterfly) and me staying quiet and scowling like the loner I am. I swear, he knows literally EVERYBODY. It gets really irritating.

       Everyone loves Nate. Of course they do. Who wouldn't? They call him the golden boy, the nice guy. We are both pretty popular, but people genuinely like Nate, while they tend to fear me. I don't know how, but because I am shy and quiet, especially around people I'm not comfortable with, I'm a "bad boy."
          I guess that's my stereotype. For some reason I'm not aware of, I'm also labelled as a player and generally an asshole. The rumors about me are unbelievable, and not one of them true.

        It's whatever, I guess. Better than being bullied like I was at my old school.

       The bell rings, disrupting my deep contemplation of the mysteries of the universe, AKA my social status. I head off to my first period.

A/N pretty short but yeah, there it is. What are your thoughts on our characters so far? Who is your favorite?

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