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     I take a deep breath, suddenly scared.

     It's okay. You want this. Celia said she wants this too. What's the worst that can happen?

     I glance around the crowded cafeteria and steel my nerves. I stand up, my chair screeching horribly loudly as it's pushed back from the table. I place my hands flat on the table and hoist myself up so I'm standing on top of the table.

     Well. I've successfully garnered the attention of those at my table and surrounding tables, but if I do this, I can't half-ass it. I need everyone to see and hear this.

       "EXCUSE ME!" I scream in the voice I use to yell cheers at football games. It works. Everyone turns to look at me, giving me looks like "the fuck is this crazy chick doing?" I clear my throat.

     "I have an announcement to make," I declare, no longer yelling but projecting my voice so it carries across the entire caferia. "Do you see the pretty girl sitting in front of me?" I ask, gesturing ar Celia. I take their silence as affirmation.

      "Well I am proud to say that that gorgeous girl is my girlifriend. As in, I'm dating her." I don't bother to notice everyone's what I'm sure are shocked responses. I just focus on Celia, drinking in her beautiful face, which scrunched up in a mixture of surprise, amusement, and exasperation.

     "Well Celia is amazing and I love her so, so, much." Celia's face softens, her eyes lighting up, an involuntary smile tugging at the corners of her full lips. Before I get too distracted, I continue.

       "Celia Evans, will you go to prom with me?" I ask. Celia jumps up ducks away shyly and mumbles something inaudible.

      "What?" I ask.

      "Yes, I will go to prom with you, idiot," Celia says.

       "She said yes!" I exclaim jumping down onto Celia's lap and hugging her.

      "You're squashing me," she protests, her voice muffled. I simply laugh.

      This couldn't BE any more perfect.

AN: there you go. I enjoyed writing that and hope you enjoyed reading it. Goodbye, dear readers.


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