Chapter 20- Dylan

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        I am a very structured, organised person. I tend to overthink everything I do and I try to be prepared for everything. Whenever there is a goal that I intend to reach, I make a plan to reach it. And right now, my goal is to make Lilah Green my girlfriend. So I spend most of my weekend writing up a plan to reach that goal.

Step 1: find Lilah at school, enlist Nate to make her speak to me if necessary and apologize for being an asshole.

Step 2: request for Lilah to resume tutoring me.

Step 3: during tutoring sessions, become closer to Lilah. Get to know her and become friends

Step 4: when basketball season begins and Lilah has to come to home games as a cheerleader, impress Lilah with amazing basketball skills

Step 5: ask Lilah to Winter Formal using a grand romantic gesture thought up by Nate

Step 6: at the end of Winter Formal, ask Lilah to become official

Step 7: for the rest of the year, be Lilah Green's boyfriend, which will include taking her to prom, where we will win Prom Queen and Prom King, however cliche that might be, and enjoy other perks of being half of TIHS's power couple and dating the most gorgeous, popular, amazing girl in school.

AN: I know it's short, but that's because there are certain parts of the story that i want to be in Dylan or Lilah's POV so this chapter Dylan's POV had to be short to set up for the next chapter's POV. Anyways, whaddya think? Who do you ship? Don't be a silent reader!



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