Chapter Twenty-One- Lilah

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           I kissed her. I fucking kissed her. Celia. Ceels. My best friend.

       Out of all your stupid, dumb, impulsive, reckless mistakes, Lilah Green...

        This is your best.

    I pull away and look at her face, feeling suddenly so, so sober.

        "Ceels," I breathe.

         "L," She whispers back.

The silence envelopes us like a warm blanket. I hesitate, not wanting to break the serene moment, but eventually I find my voice.

       "Why wouldn't you tell me earlier?" I ask.

        "I didn't want to ruin our friendship," Celia responds. "Also, I was fucking terrified! I didn't even want anyone knowing I liked girls! Do you know how my family would react, L?" She exclaims, looking distraught.

        "Um... No?" I respond.

         "Yeah well neither do I!" Celia shrieks. "I'm so fucking scared!" She breaks down into tears, and I pull her into me, wrapping my arms around her as she sobs into me.

        "Hey, it'll be okay," I console her, my mind and heart racing. "We'll figure this out. We'll be okay." She pulls back at me smiling, through her tears and I feel myself tearing up too just from all of the sheer emotions I feel between us.

      God, I'm such a fucking sap.

      "Hey L," Celia begins.

       "Yeah, Ceels?" I ask.

         "Are we like friends, now or..."She trails off, clearly wanting me to fill in the blanks.

         "We are best friends," I tell her, and as her face begins to fall, I add, "but we're also more than that. We're everything."

      Yup. Definitely a sap. Sappity sap sap.

       "One more thing," Celia says.

        "What?" I ask, nervous.

        "Can we like keep this on the down low for now? Because I don't think I'm ready to come out to anyone just yet, I mean I will eventually, but I'm just not ready for that drama right now, and-"

      I cut her off.

      "Of course, Ceels. I get it," I reassure her. She smiles up at me. "Also, the whole secret thing is pretty hot." She grabs a pillow and playfully hits me with it, hiding a smile.

       "Kinky!" I comment. She laughs and looks so beautiful and I can't help but pull her in for a kiss.

AN: it's not super long, but I like it anyway. What do y'all think? Do you ship it? Do you not? Why? Remember to comment what you think.




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