Chapter 22- Dylan

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      I walked into school on Monday with a new bounce in my step. Planning things out is like crack for me. Nothing gives me more satisfaction to know exactly what I should be doing.

       I scan the halls for Nate, but he is nowhere to be seen, so I call him. He picks up on the third ring.

        "Hey man, what's up," He says, sounding more tense than his usual carefree self.

        "Where are you?" I ask.

         "Chris is home. I'm gonna be taking him around school because he is that creepy-ass college guy who stalks the halls of his old high school." Nate responds. I chuckle at this.

         "Well you have practice today right?" I ask.

          "Yeah man. Chris is gonna be helping Coach out." Nate confirms.

          "Cool." I say. "I also have practice so I'll meet you afterwards."

           "See you then," Nate says, and then hangs up.


       After a harrowing practice, I head out to the football field to meet Nate. The cheerleaders also happened to be practicing on the field, and both sports were just finishing up.

        Excellent. Lilah and Nate. This is perfect.

       As I walk up to Nate I see his brother Chris standing next to him. Chris is literally an older version of Nate. He graduated highschool last year, and we never hung out much.

        I see Lilah ending cheer practice, all sweaty in her athletic shorts and fitted tank top... Down, boy.

      She seems to be staring at Chris and Nate. Odd. As if sensing her gaze, Nate tells Chris something inaudible, and walks over to her. Chris strolls up to me.

         "Hey, you're Dylan right?  Nate's friend?" He asks casually.

         "Yeah," I respond, "And you're Chris, Nate's brother."

         "Yup," He confirms. "So I saw you staring at Lilah Green. Something going on between you two?" He asks. I see no harm in telling him. He seems pretty amicable.

        "Hopefully. We hooked up and I'm planning on asking her out. She said that she's not looking for a relationship, but I bet I could get her to date me if I just try harder." I say. Chris frowns, but it is fleeting and his facial expression returns to normal so quickly that I must have imagined it.

        "Has it occurred to you that the reason she isn't looking for a relationship is that she's in one already?" Chris asks.

        "No," I say. "What makes you think that?"

         "Look at her and Nate," Chris points out. "You can practically see the sexual tension in the air. Besides, I'm his brother. He told me that they were dating and she just wants to keep it on the down low." I look over. Their conversation seems pretty intense, with their heads bent close together and Nate's hand rubbing circles on her arm. It could just be friendly, but Chris told me they were dating and he would have no reason to lie... But wait...

         "But if she's dating Nate why would she sleep with me?" I ask. Chris snorts.

        "You're so naive," Chris says, "She's Lilah Green. She's a slut, everyone knows that." He adds as an afterthought, "Please don't tell Nate I told you. He'll kill me. It was supposed to be a secret, y'know, and I just told you because I thought you liked her so..."

       "Yeah, I get it," I reassure him.

      Fuck. What am I supposed to do now?

AN: Hello loveys! What do you think of Chris? And why do you think he told Dylan that Lilah and Nate are dating. Don't worry, all will be revealed eventually... *evil laugh*



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