Chapter 4- Dylan

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       I walked to my first period- Spanish. My mom wanted me to do a language and Nate was doing Spanish because, and I quote, "Señora Valdez is smokin'." So I chose Spanish to be with Nate and it's actually not that bad.

       I don't know what Nate sees in Señora Valdez, seeing as she must be almost twenty years older than us and married, but she's one of those teachers who don't actually care about teaching us, so we have barely any work and her class is an easy A. Nate, being a disgusting little pervert, blatantly stared at Señora the whole period while I doodled in my notebook, not paying any attention.

       When the bell rang, we headed out the door.

       "What do you have next?" I asked Nate.

         "Calculus. Major oof." He responded, groaning.

         "I have the same, so at least we can suffer together," I told him. As we walked to Calc, Nate made a big show out of walking as slowly as possible and dragging his feet. He is literally a child. I pulled him along, not wanting to be late. I know, I'm a nerd.

        When we step into the classroom, I make a beeline for a seat in the back. I hate sitting in the front. Not only does it make you an automatic teacher's pet and the target of spitballs, I detest having everyone's eyes on me. Whenever I sit in the front, I feel like everyone is watching me. Paranoia, thy name is Dylan.

      The desks are arranged in groups of three. Nate sits down with a small, pretty, black girl, winking at her, and I join him. I vaguely recognize the girl to be a cheerleader. She responds to Nate's wink with an eyeroll.

       Nate just laughs at her rebuffal of him. Nate is a huge player. He is known throughout the school for his sinfully high number of conquests, much like I am, except in his case it's actually true.

      Throughout the entire period, Nate keeps flirting with the girl, whose name I discover to be Celia, and she keeps shutting him down. Kudos to her.

      Finally, she snaps. She raises her hand. The teacher, Mr. Roberts, calls on her.

      "Can I please switch seats with someone? I can't focus here." She requests. Nate laughs.

      "Aw c'mon princess, you're breaking my heart over here!" He calls out. Mr. Roberts frowns at him.

       "Mr. Callahan, that was entirely inappropriate and uncalled for. Detention after school. Miss Richardson, I'm sorry but it's too late to switch seats."

       Celia groans and glares at Nate. Nate just smirks. I lean over to him and whisper,
      "Wow I think you just set a new record. You've been at school for what, one and a half  periods, and you already got detention?" Celia hears me and smiles.

     "Nah, my best friend has you beat. She managed to earn detention five minutes into first period," she tells us quietly. Nate snickers.

        "Impressive," he comments. "What teacher was that?" He asks.

       "Mr. Elliots," She tells him. He nods with a look of realization.

      "He's just pure evil," Nate says. Just then, the bell rings. "What do you have next?" He asks her.

        "History," she tells him.

        "Cool, I have the same. What about you, Dylan?" He says. I nod.

         "Same," I respond. Nate grins.

         "Well isn't that just perfect!" He exclaims, wrapping an arm around Celia. She shrugs it off.

         "Yeah, just peachy." She grumbles.

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