Chapter Twenty-Five- Lilah

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        I am a fucking genius. I mentally pat myself on the back as I watch Kelsey and Dylan leave together.

         Kesley going over to him was all my idea, of course. She was telling me how she wanted a boyfriend and I saw Dylan walk in looking depressed and it all just clicked. Bam! Inspiration. So I told her to maybe talk to Dylan and watched with a content, smug smile as they quickly engaged in conversation and soon left with giddy grins etched on both their faces, a stark contrast to Dylan's previously miserably facade.

        I have always loved playing Cupid for multiple reasons. Being the cause of other people's happiness gives me great satisfaction. Sure, I also like the power it gives me, but watching the new couples blush and grin and laugh with each other (in between make out seshes) just makes me smile.

       Especially ever since I got together with Celia, I just want everyone to be as happy and in love as I am. I'm not too fond of how sappy, sentimental, and cliche I've been lately, but if that's the price of this kind of bliss, then I can put up with it.

      Anyway, Kelsey and I have become really close. I just love hanging out with her and I wonder why we haven't talked much before senior year. I learned that she loves physics, and basically all the STEM subjects, and she has already applied to the Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering course. So yeah. Crazy smart. And I just want my new genius bff to be happy.

      This also kills two birds with one stone because now I can stop feeling guilty about Dylan and he can stop hanging all over me and being desperate and sad over a girl he can never have.

      I glance at my phone seeing a new message from Celia. Just reading her name makes my face light up. The contents of the message make me grin like a fool.

       Meet me in ur room in 5 min?

       I quickly respond.

       Idk if I can wait 5 min tho.
       She replies almost instantly.

       Patience, grasshopper. All good things to those who wait.

         I smirk, my thumbs a blur moving across the keyboard.

         There had better be some rly fuckin good things 4 me then 😉

        She texts back.

       Why do I hang out w u perv

        I respond.

        Bc u looooove me and my perviness. Admit it 💋

      I see the three gray dots and a message appears on my screen.

       Whatever helps u sleep at night sweetie. Btw, im in ur bedroom waiting for u. Its been 7 min

       I smile widely.

       On my way rn

AN: sorry for the long wait. I was really busy and it is my birthday today and I was celebrating yesterday so yeah. This chapter was mostly Lilah and Celia. What do you think of them? Any possible ship names? I am also looking for ship names for Kelsey and Dylan, or any other ships you can come up with. I love you all SM and your support has made me so much more confident in my writing. Remember, be sure to comment what you think.



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