Chapter Thirteen- Lilah

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        I am drunk. That much I know for sure. I hadn't really been intending to get blackout drunk tonight but these things just... happen.

      And I swear, if I hadn't been so drunk, I would never have done what I did next. And god knows how different the rest of my life, or at least the rest of my high school career, would have been.

      As I am bopping along to the music, searching for more alcohol, I walk straight into a wall.

    "Watch where you're going, idiot! God, this is why I don't go to parties," the wall, apparently an asshole, says.

      I marvel at the talking wall. Wow, never seen one of those before. As I examine the wall, I notice that it legs. And a torso. And biceps. Ooooh, yum. Biceps. In my drunken state, I decide that it's perfectly okay to grab those oh-so-perfect biceps. So I do. Looking up, I also see the wall's face. A face that through my beer goggles looks sooo PRETTY. And also strangely like Dylan. Wow this wall is a lot like Dylan: they are both hotties and they are both assholes.

    "Hellooo Dylan's wall twin," I giggle. Dylan's wall twin doesn't look amused.

     "I am Dylan, drunken idiot," he says. Oh. So not a wall. Shame. It would be really cool to meet a talking wall.

     Just then my stiletto snags in the carpet and I trip forward and end up smashing my lips directly onto Dylans'.

    I know what you readers are thinking as I break the fourth wall: You ho. Yo sooo did that on purpose. Well, I didn't. No really! However, what I do on purpose is after the initial contact I maintain the kiss. Whoops.

   At first, Dylan is shocked, but he eventually starts to kiss me back. Wowza. When we finally break apart, he tells me, "You taste like beer."

   And then, I make a very stupid, very uninformed, very drunk decision.

   I am gonna get in Dylan Mitchell's pants tonight.

AN: I'm sorry it's short, but I wanted to write the next bit from Dylan's POV. Also sorry about the kinda cliffhanger. Who's excited for the next chappie? Who thinks that Lilah and Dylan are gonna bang it out? Comment what you think.

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