Chapter Twenty-Three- Lilah

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          He is here. Chris Callahan is here. I can feel his eyes burning into me every so often during cheer practice, making me tense and slip up, and causing Coach to scold me for my sloppiness. After practice ends Nate walks up to me.

         "A warning would've been nice," I hiss at him.

         "I'm sorry he just decided last minute to come along and since he is fifty feet away from you and didn't try to contact you, it technically doesn't violate the restraining order." Nate explains.

       "Fuck," I say. "How long is he staying?"

        "Just a couple days," Chris tells me. "And he won't be turning up at school anymore, so you don't have to worry."

        "I know," I reply. "It's just... The guy stalks me and tries to fucking drug me for God's sake and he can still show up at my school and psych me out during cheer practice? This shit is so unfair!" Following my mini rant Nate takes my hands reassuringly.

       "Yeah well they couldn't prove anything with the drug thing so the best ww could do is get you a restraining order. Hey, it'll be okay though. I'll make sure that he doesn't bother you anymore." Nate comforts me.

     I look up at him.

      "Thanks. You are such a great friend, I don't deserve you," I tell him gratefully. He grins down at me.

        "I know I'm awesome, you don't have to remind me," the idiot says. I smack him playfully and walk off, ready to drive home and shower.

        On the way to my car, Dylan stops me. Oh shit. What does he want now?

         "Hey Lilah?" He asks tentatively.

         "Yeah?" I ask brusquely, so not in the mood for this.

          "Um, well, two things, maybe three. First, I just wanna tell you I'm sorry about the whole tutoring thing. I get that what I said was totally not cool and I feel like such a jerk and-"

       "Apology accepted," I cut him off. "What else did you wanna tell me?" He fidgets nervously.

         "Uh... I was wondering if you'd reconsider... Um... Going on a date with me sometime...?"

        Oh shit. Fml.

      "I'm sorry, but I can't," I say, feeling like a horrible person when his face drops.

       "But why not?" He asks me. I feel so bad that my dumbass self decides to tell him the truth, or at least the partial truth.

        "I'm, I'm seeing someone. I'm sorry," I say, regretting it immediately after. Dylan's face closes off.

        "Oh. Okay," Dylan said coldly.

        Jeez. And they say teenage GIRLS are hormonal and dramatic.

AN: Whaddya think? How do you think Dylan is gonan react? And btw, I just want to thank all of you beautiful readers. I never thought I would take this book this far and you guys are the reason I have. I love you all!!!



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