Chapter 18- Dylan

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         After Lilah storms out, I am left sitting there, still flabbergasted. She just thoroughly chewed me out. Jesus.
Furthermore, I realize her answer was correct.

        Who would have thought? Lilah Green: head cheerleader, prettiest and most popular girl in school, and... History buff? Although, who am I to talk? I am Dylan Mitchell: star basketball player, bad boy, and closet nerd.

     Just then, my phone rings. The called ID reads Mah Boi with a picture of Nate, shirtless and with aviators on, smirking and make a rude gesture at the camera. Don't blame me, Nate was the one who set his contact name and picture. i press the green button, accepting his call.

       "Hey Nate. Whassup?" I greet him. I know something is wrong the minute I hear his tense, worried voice.

        "Is Lilah there? Can you give her the phone?" He asks.

          "No, Lilah's not here," I respond, confused.

          "But I thought she was tutoring you right now!" Nate exclaims.

         "Yeah, she was," I tell him. "She left."

          "Why? School has only been over for ten minutes," Nate inquires.

         "Long story short, I made some insinuations about her intelligence, she yelled at me, and stormed out," I say, wincing as I remember her scathing speech and dramatic exit. "Why do you need to talk to her?" I ask.

        "I just need to tell her something," Nate responds vaguely.

          "What?" I inquire, my curiosity piqued.

            "None of your business," Nate tells me defensively. "Wait, just realized I have her number. Bye!" I hear the beep that indicates that he hung up.

         Huh. Weird. Wonder what that was all about...

       Honestly, I'm not surprised that he and Lilah have become so close so quickly. She is impossible not to like. She is gorgeous, and funny, and sarcastic, and smart, and...

          Holy. Shitaki. Mushrooms.

          I like Lilah Green.

      After I make this startling realization, I start hitting my head against the desk. Repeatedly. Ouch.

       You deserve it. You need a wake up call. Falling for Lilah Green? And you call her the dumb one!

        It's not my fault she's so goddamn amazing! I mean, can you blame me? She was my first. And there's something about her that just pulls me in and makes me want to be close to her forever. Lilah Green is a dangerously easy person to like.

      Exactly! Everyone likes her! Do you have any idea how much competition you have? She is way out of your league! Besides, falling for Lilah Green? That is the most unoriginal, cliche, plotline imaginable!

       It's not my fault! Believe me, I didn't want this!

      You did though. You have wanted to have a relationship with her since she slept with you! And now you're just one of the many unfortunate, hopeless schmucks who fell for Lilah Green!

Shit. I'm so screwed.

AN: another short chappie, but updating twice in three days? Go me! What do you think about Dylan liking Lilah? Do you ship it? Do you think it's the most uncreative unsurprising plotline ever? Because I kinda do. But still, be sure to comment what you think!

❤- Maia

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