Chapter 24- Dylan

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         So it was true. Lilah was actually dating Nate. My best friend.

     Of course. How could I not have seen it before? They're perfect together. The blonde, popular, athletic social butterflies. She belongs with someone like him much more than she belongs with a cowardly fake like me. God, I'm SUCH an IDIOT.

       Just then my phone rings. I glance at the screen and see that ridiculous picture of Nate. After a brief consideration, I answer the call.

        "What do you want?" I ask harshly, more harshly than I'd intended. The bitterness I'm feeling involuntarily leaking into my voice.

       "Woah, man, you sound tense," Nate replied, laughter coloring his tone. "And I have the perfect remedy for that tenseness. Lilah Green is throwing a huge fucking party. There will be booze, chicks, and bad decisions. And you, my man, are coming. No wimping out, okay?"

        I am about to protest, seeing as the last thing I want to do is see Lilah and go to a party where I will be surrounded by drunken idiots, but then suddenly inspiration strikes. What if I become one of the drunken idiots? Maybe Nate is right. Maybe I just need to let loose and have some fun. And this is the perfect opportunity.

     "I'll be there," I tell Nate.


     Lilah Green's house is filled to the brim with people. Drunk people. I immediately feel uncomfortable, but I shake the feeling away.

        As I enter the house, I begin to lose my nerve. Do I really belong here? I head furthur in, reaching the living room. Nobody acknowledges my existence, and I start to regret coming here.

        Then a girl walks up to me. I vaguely recognize her, realizing that I met her briefly. What was her name?

      "Hey, I'm Kelsey! Remember me?" She exclaims excitedly. Oh that's right. Kelsey.

      "Yeah, I remember you. What's up?" I ask, playing it cool.

      "Eh. The party's great and all, if you're into that sort of thing, and don't get me wrong,  sometimes I totally am, but right now I just wanna curl up with my Physics textbook."

     I can't believe it. Have I finally found a kindred spirit? I decide to test her, because right now, she just seems too good to be true.

     "Yeah, I need to study for the test coming up and I can't for the life of me remember the right hand rule, which is supposed to be this easy way to remember things," I say, waiting for her reaction.

     "Oh well, so basically you hold your right hand out like this," She said, demonstrating. "With your palm flat, your fingers pointing forward, and your thumb pointing straight out to the side." I mimic her movements. Seeing that my hand is positioned correctly, she continues her explanation. "So basically your thumb is the velocity, your fingers are field lines, and the force is the direction you would push with your palm." Impressed by her explanation, I act like I just now understand the concept.

     "Ohhh, I get it now thank you so much," I say. She just smiles at me.

      "Your so welcome," She says. "Honestly I will use any excuse to talk Physics. It's kinda my guilty pleasure." I smile back at her.

         Where has this girl been all of my life?

      Feeling reckless, I offer, "You wanna get out of here? I could use a studying partner." Her face lights up.

        "I thought you would never ask."

AN: I know it's been a while, but I was spending time with my extended family who I never see over spring break and it was kinda hectic. We're a really big family. So, what do y'all think of Kelsey? Do you ship her with anyone right now? Be sure to comment what you think.



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