Chapter Two

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And why will you, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger?
For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the LORD, and He ponders all his goings. (Proverbs 5:20&21)

Jack couldn't move. His heart was pounding. He watched as Caroline angrily banged his office door as she left. This couldn't be happening. Wasn't the guilt he'd been suffering enough? How could God have allowed this to happen, despite the fact that this was the first and only time he had ever been unfaithful to Martha? Was this His way of punishing him? He couldn't believe this was his life. He'd heard of these kind of stories before, but he never imagined experiencing it. He thought about Martha, his wife. She couldn't find out about this, it'll destroy their already crumbling marriage. It'll destroy his ministry. How could he have let this happen?

Jack slowly packed his things and left the church building. He needed to think. Getting to his car, he drove to the gate. The watch man was saying something of which he couldn't make sense. He simply nodded and drove out. He had enough troubles of his own to worry about.

Jack needed somewhere to think. Maddie's Diner would have been the best place, but he couldn't go there because Caroline worked there. He hadn't been there for the past two months. Two months of torment which came as a result of guilt. He was filled with regret. None of this would have happened if Martha had been able to control her tongue. But, he couldn't blame her, he could have postponed his meetings that day, at least he would have made it to Theresa, his daughter's school. But he had totally forgotten about the appointment with her teacher. He thought back to that day.

Jack had just finished having a meeting with the church's welfare department which lasted for hours. He was exhausted. What he needed was a fresh shower and a sweet sleep. But that wasn't what he got. He returned home to find an angry Martha.

"Hey." He greeted her.

"Where have you been?" She replied scowling.

"In a meeting" he replied, heading to their bedroom. He didn't know why she was giving him that attitude. He wasn't even ready to know why. All he needed was a good shower and sweet sleep. But Martha didn't think so.

"Jack, what has happened to you? You always pick your work over your family"

"What are you talking about?"

"Jack, what's today's date?"

"10th, I think."

"Yes, weren't we supposed to meet Theresa's teacher today?"

"Ohh" he had totally forgotten about that.

"I forgot about that. Sorry."

"I'm not surprised. Your work is the most important thing to you. Your family is the least of your priorities"

"That's not true, Martha. You, of all people should understand that I run a very busy schedule. You didn't even remind me."

"It's true! " she raised her voice "How was I supposed to remind you when you leave first thing in the morning. I've lost count of the number of times I called you today. You never answered. I know you'll say your phone was silenced because you were in a meeting. Jack, imagine the embarrassment. We both promised to meet the teacher today, only for me to start looking for excuses as to why you were absent. I don't even understand you anymore, Jack. What pastor leaves his house early in the morning, only to come back late at night? "

"Busy pastors Martha. Do you know how many meetings I had tod—"

"I'm tired of believing those, Jack." She shouted. "I'm tired of believing you. I'm surprised I haven't even seen lipstick stains on your shirt. "

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