Chapter Three

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For, the son of man is come to seek and save that which was lost. (Luke 19:10)

"But didn't you tell her you were doing fine and that you have a job, a car and a good place to stay? " Maddie asked Caroline. Maddie wasn't just Caroline's boss, she was also Caroline's friend.

"Yes, I told her I was very comfortable here, but she didn't listen. She said she wasn't comfortable with my being here all alone. She spoke about the fact that my mom's dying wish was that she'd take good care of me and that now my father is dead, her conscience won't allow her live in luxury while I'm far away, fending for myself."

Caroline cringed inwardly for having to tell another lie. She had known quitting wouldn't be easy because Maddie would want to know exactly why, and she couldn't tell her that she was pregnant for a married pastor who wanted her out of town. So, she told her that her mom's twin sister who lived in Nigeria wanted her to come over immediately. She hadn't lied about the fact that her mother had a twin sister who lived in Nigeria or the fact that she wanted her to come. Her aunt, Emni had suggested, two years ago that she came over to Nigeria to live with her, but Caroline had never agreed. She prefered to remain in New York because she felt closer to her late father here. But now, everything was different. Caroline longed for that offer. She had lied about the fact that aunt Emni wanted her to come immediately and she wasn't taking 'no' for an answer. She hadn't spoke to her aunt in two years and so, she didn't know if the offer still stood. She could only hope. She'd call her tonight and oh, how she hoped the offer would still be standing. If not, she'd start looking for a place in Africa, with a low cost of living.

"I can't believe you're actually leaving, Car. This place will be so different without you. " Maddie lamented.

"I can't believe it too. I wish I could stay. This place is like my home. You guys are all like family. " Maddie had always been like a mother to her. She would miss her the most. She'd miss Jenny too. Jenny was her closest colleague. Jenny had cried when she told her the news. They'd said their final goodbyes about thirty minutes ago.

"It's so sad. But I believe God allowed it for a reason. You should be happy about it, not many people have aunties that care this much about them." She laughed sadly. "It'll work for your good, Car, as long as God has a hand in it. I'm sure it will. "

Caroline couldn't respond to that. She knew God didn't have a hand in this, so there was no guarantee it'd work for her good.

"When are you leaving? " Maddie asked.

"I'll finalize my packing tomorrow, then i'll leave the day after. "

"So this is the last time I'll see you. " Her voice broke and she quickly looked away. She was sobbing.

"Heyyy" Caroline held her hand gently. "You sound like I'll be gone forever. I may not stay there for a very long time. If things don't work out, I'll try to convince her to let me come back. Besides I can always call and we can always skype. Everything will be fine. "

Maddie nodded. Using her free hand, she dabbed her eyes with her handkerchief.

"Let me pray for you, Car. It's the least I can do."

"Okay." Car nodded. She knew God wouldn't answer that prayer. God hated her. She committed adultery with His servant. She was like Bathsheba in the Bible. She watched as Maddie took her hand, bowed her head and closed her eyes. And there it was. The peace she craved. She saw it all over Maddie and she envied her for that. Maddie began to pray.

"Father, I lift your daughter, Car into your hands. Her life is about to take a U-turn and I know you allowed it for a reason........... "


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