Chapter Seven

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Caroline took a deep breath, counted one to three, and exhaled.

"Are you nervous? " Aunt Emni asked from the driver's seat as they headed to Magnifical Photography Studios.

"A little." She replied "I don't want to go there and botch."

"Relax honey." James Eke is a very nice man. As long as you've got the skill and you're of good behavior, I see no reason why he shouldn't employ you.

Caroline nodded and looked out the window. She imagined how the next few months of her life would be if she got the job. She would be happy, doing something she loved. Making faces up. At least she wouldn't be a burden to the Browns. the little she earned could help reduce whatever it cost them to take care of her.

Caroline had always loved things that had to do with creativity. Nothing could be compared to her love for fashion designing. All she needed was to hold a pen, close her eyes and think and she'd bring forth a beautiful design. That was why she had chosen architecture as a course of study for her degree. She had a creative mind and she was happy she could apply it for the next few months before she got her baby. After she got her baby, she could stay for a little time until the baby is weaned. During that time, she may be taking online courses or doing work from home jobs. She had the next twelve to eighteen months of her life well planned out for her. But, right now, all she needed was the job as a make up artist at magnifical photography studios.

"We're here." Aunt Emni removed the key from the ignition. She faced Caroline. "Ready?"


"Come on then."

Coming out, Caroline studied the building in front of her. It had the name 'Magnifical Photography Studios' boldly written on a banner, with a few beautiful photos. Whoever said blacks weren't pretty needed to come see these photos, she thought.

"These are beautiful." Aunt Emni smiled, bringing her out of her thoughts.

"You can say that again." She smiled.

"Hey." Aunt Emni whispered, causing Caroline to look at her. "Try as much as possible to give honest answers to whatever questions he may ask you."

"Even about the pregnancy?"

"He's hopefully gonna be your boss, Caroline. He'll definitely find out someday. Imagine what will happen if you don't tell him about it today and he later finds out. You'll lose his trust."

"You're right."

"Don't worry, I believe you'll get the job. I've been praying for that. But, even if you don't, this is just your first try. It isn't the last opportunity. We'll keep trying okay?"

Caroline nodded. "Could you please keep praying for me?" She reasoned that even if God wouldn't listen to her prayers, He'll definitely listen to Aunt Emni's.

"Of course, baby. You don't need to ask." Aunt Emni reached forward to adjust her collar. "There." She smiled.

The first things Caroline noticed on getting inside were the acrylic photo prints on the glass walls. These photos were even more beautiful than the ones she has seen outside. A particular photo of a young girl in what seemed to be a Nigerian traditional attire drew her attention. Although this attire was something she could design, she still concluded that whoever designed it must have been an expert designer. Caroline shifted her gaze to the girl's face and immediately noticed her make up which was expertly done. At this sight, she felt like running out, she didn't belong here. The little skills she had gathered on make up couldn't compare to the level of dexterity she was seeing in this photo. If this was the level of expertise it took to work at Magnifical Photo Studio, she didn't think she stood a chance.

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