Chapter Six

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Caroline woke up to an empty room. Michelle was no where in sight, her bed neatly spread. Caroline wondered where she'd gone. She reached for her wristwatch on the bedside table in an attempt to check the time. In the process, she saw a note. Being a very observant person, she knew that the note hadn't been there last night, when she slept. Someone must have put it there this morning. She opened it and it read:

Hey, Caroline. Mom, dad and I are off to church. We didn't wake you up because we thought you'd be tired after your long trip. I prepared your breakfast. It's in a warmer on the kitchen table. Feel free at home, enjoy yourself. We'll be back around 11:30


Caroline was glad the Browns didn't make her go to church with them. She couldn't remember the last time she stepped foot in a church building to attend a church service. Picking up her wristwatch, she read it. It was 5:02am. That was strange because the intensity of light the curtains transmitted indicated that the day had already broken.

Caroline slowly walked to the curtains and opened them. Just as she had suspected, it was broad daylight. Below was a neatly trimmed lawn with wooden lawn chairs. She squinted as she looked up to see the position of the sun. It was almost directly above the Brown's house. That meant it was almost afternoon. Her wristwatch must have had some issues. She got her phone from her bed and read the correct time. It read Abuja, Nigeria. 11:02am. She mentally laughed at herself. How could she forget that Nigeria was in a totally different time zone from New York. Her wristwatch had been set according to New York's time.

This meant that the Browns will be back in less than thirty minutes. Caroline needed a warm shower. She wasn't hungry, she'll eat later. She went to the bathroom to take a quick, warm shower.

Caroline had just finished bathing and dressing up when the door burst open to reveal a smiling, Michelle, dressed in a pink gown and looking very beautiful.

"Hey, did you sleep well." She asked as she walked to her side of the room and removed her black stilettos.

"Very well." Caroline grinned. "I haven't slept this well in months."

"Why?" Michelle asked, a shocked look on her face.

"My job required me to report to work by 6:00am." She laughed. "It's nothing, really. I got used to it."

"What kind of job was that."

"Waiting tables." She smiled.

"Wow. Thank God you came to your senses and left there." She laughed. "Mom says you were very adamant on not coming to live with us."

"No, it's not like I didn't want to come. I just didn't want to be a burd-"

The door burst open and Aunt Emni came in smiling.

"Baby girl" she hugged Caroline. "Did you sleep well? I hope you weren't feeling lonely here. We had to go to church. We thought you'll be to tired to come.

"Yes. I slept well. Good afternoon,  Aunt Emni." Caroline smiled. "I actually just woke up about thirty minutes ago and I've been occupied since then. So, no, I wasn't feeling lonely."

"You must've been really tired. Have you eaten?"

"Erm, actuall, no." She looked apologetically at Michelle. I woke up not long ago and immediately had my bath. I had just finished when you came."

"It's okay." Michelle laughed. "The food can always be microwaved."

"Would you like to eat now?" Aunt Emni asked.

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